Oh No, Girl: Summer Makeup Mishaps (And How to Avoid Them)

This summer, don't let runny foundation or disappearing eyebrows ruin your late-night summer soiree. Tack these beauty tips on your mirror to look flawless all the hot summer day long.

Nicole Marie Melton Jun, 10, 2015

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As the weather warms up and seasons change, your skin will change, too.  Melissa Hibbert, celebrity makeup artist, advises to begin building your summer makeup routine by first starting with solid skincare prep. "One of the most important things to do is to get an oil free moisturizer. That will be the base of your makeup," says Hibbert.

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"When summertime comes, your skin surface temperature rises which causes your pores to open and release more oil," says Hibbert. "To balance out the oil under your makeup, go for the oil-free moisturizers so you don't compete with any other shine that will happen naturally." 

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For the woman who loves beauty on a budget, this drugstore find will keep your skin grease-free all summer long. ($12, Ulta)

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Soften and hydrate skin with this 0il–free, paraben–free, fragrance–free formula. ($26.50, Kiehl's)

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This lightweight moisturizer helps to absorb excess oil, so you are left with a flawless, flaunt-worthy complexion. ($65, Sephora)

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You want to create a lightweight makeup look in the summer, which is best achieved with a powder foundation applied with a brush. "Instead of using a sponge, invest in a good foundation brush," says Hibbert. "Most liquid foundations are oil-based, so a powder will be a better choice all around.  Whisk your brush across your compact and blot it into your skin. This is a lighter way to acheive great coverage."

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In the warmer months, translucent powder will be your best friend, says Hibbert. "Translucent powder is a non-colored powder that you can use to touch up your face throughout the day without adding more product. Use a foundation sponge to apply it and absorb the oil without affecting any previous product that you put on."

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A weightless, translucent powder for all skintones that creates a soft matte finish that looks luminous in any light. ($36, Sephora)

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This handy compact is great for midday touchups applied over foundation or even worn alone. ($36, Make Up For Ever)

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"To prevent your eye makeup from running, switch to a waterproof pencil and mascara during the summer," advises Hibbert. "Most major brands carry a waterproof version of their pencils and mascaras which won't be affected by sweat or oil."

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Specially formulated to stay put for 12 hours, these pencils are waterproof and smudge-resistant. ($25, Bobbi Brown)

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This longtime, cult-favorite mascara now comes in a waterproof version that won't budge in the summer heat. ($25, Sephora)

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"If you need to combat shine in the middle of the day, blot don't wipe," advises Hibbert.  "Wiping your face will remove your makeup, whereas blotting will simply absorb any shine or oil on the surface."

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These oil-absorbing rice paper tissues are infused with a light dusting of shine-control powder for midday touchups. ($3.99, Ulta)

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Melissa R. Hibbert is a celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur who has expanded her beauty brand to include her makeup line SHEEQ Cosmetics, web-series Behind The Glam, national event Beauty and the Business and her firm, The GLAM Agency. Follow her on Instagram.


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