Obama vs. Romney Round 3: Black Pundits and Celebs React

The third and final presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney had everyone buzzing. As the candidates went toe-to-toe on foreign policy, a number of thought leaders and politically active celebrities took to Twitter to weigh in.

Derrick Taylor Oct, 23, 2012

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@Soledad_OBrien: "Our undecideds thought pres Obama won. Some wanted to keep their vote private but 11 of 16 said they now support Obama. 9 still undecided."

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‏@DonLemonCN: "Not easy going up against incumbent on foreign policy. #Obama lived it for 4 yrs. Opponent can only give platitudes. #Debate 2012 #CNNDebate"

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@MichelleObama: "Barack's steady leadership has made us stronger and safer than we were four years ago. That was clear tonight. –mo #ProudOfObama"

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@tjholmes: "POTUS can't wait to get in there on the Gov. Romney's budget plans. He can't wait! You can see it on his face. #finaldebate"


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‏@TraceeEllisRoss: “@MichaelSkolnik: 'We also have fewer horses and bayonets' ~Barack Obama #Debates my sis just called to tell me this! Hysterical!"

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@CharlesMBlow: "Finally home. Hard for me to say how this is coming across to the undecideds. Romney playing safe, just saying. I'm acceptable alternative."

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‏@MiaBLove: "America is going to come back-this nation is the hope of the earth. Confidence in our future will come with @MittRomney #lynndebate"

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@Toure: "A clear victory by the President. Romney didn't lay a glove on him tonight."

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@TherealTaraji: "Mitt's closing speech sounds like the Peanuts' teacher 'womp womp womp womp womp womp WOMP'. I'm done!"

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‏@rolandsmartin: "Who won the Libya portion? Obama. Who won the Iran portion? Obama. How many times did Romney agree with Obama's stance? A lot."

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 @thesherylralph: "I love to see how Pres. Obama finds comfort in the arms of his wife after every debate. Love"

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 ‏@RevJJackson: "I think the debate overwhelming focused on Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan etc what about Africa? #Debate"

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@TichinaArnold: "The GOP says romney LOOKED presidential. I say #Obama "IS" presidential..."

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@CoryBooker: "Only difference I see is Romney has a bigger flag pin. RT @phatkeke: But Romney restated what Obama said. What is his differentiator?"

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@keligoff: "Well that didn't take long...the foreign policy debate becomes another debate on the economy #lynndebate"

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@iJesseWilliams: "Bayonets and horses!!! These things called aircraft carriers. Stop the fight! #debate #niceTouchMentioningHorses"

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@donnabrazile: "#ProudOfObama for laying out his vision. Romney came with a new face, but had to deal with old facts. @BarackObama won. Now, #GottaVote."

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@VanJones68: "30 min from: Obama v. Romney III. May not be as exciting as Ali v. Frazier III ("Thrilla in Manilla"), but it will matter more #CCNDebate"

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@GOPBlackChick : "@BarackObama accused @MittRomney of having no foreign policy experience like Obama had any experience doing anything b4 he was elected."

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@JenniferABurke: "We have fallen behind in education in every area, Obama, ever since the Dept of Education was created by Carter & thx to unions. #debate"

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@THEHermanCain: "Obama's closing: let's talk about class warfare again! Folks, we can make these next 4 years better than the last: Vote #RomneyRyan"

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‏@MHarrisPerry: "Romney doctrine: Gender equality, good for Middle East, bad for USA."

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‏@UncleRUSH: "RT Romney tells us to go to this website for his ideas. You have everyone in America watching RIGHT NOW! Pls TELL US NOW your ideas! #Debates"

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@maryjblige: "Last presidential debate tonight at 9PM EST! @BarackObama I'm rooting for you!"