NYFW Predictions: Hot Spring Trends

Fashion Week is nigh, and as Carrie Bradshaw once said, "Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future... this is known as Fashion Week." This week, editor's, bloggers and buyers alike will spring ahead and flood the streets of New York in search of the newest trends. We have a few predictions as to what beauty looks will be strutting the runways here in New York, as well as abroad in London, Milan, and Paris. Will bold blush be in next Spring? Find out here!

Virginia Lowman Sep, 09, 2015

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Barely-there makeup will always be a staple on the spring runways, but this season, metallic nudes will be added into the fold to create a look that's both natural and ethereal. 

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Models will sport berry-tinted balmy lips for a look that's youthful and fresh.

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Pastels get a little warmer next summer as the once taboo hues become office friendly. Think: highshine lacquers in sunset hues.

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Your new warm-weather look is just moisturizer and a facial spritz away! Think: dewy skin with a hint of shine in the right places.

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Pair rosy cheeks with dewy skin and you'll be runway—or beach—ready in no time!

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Liner goes to art school for a major upgrade. Think: bright colors and creative accents.

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Cheekbones will take center stage next spring as artists focus on highlighting high plaine of the face and contouring takes a back seat.

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Brown lips were trending this summer; expect that to continue throughout the fall. Next spring, nude lipsticks get a tan. Think: gold and bronze hues.

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Gone are the days of extreme glitter. Next summer, is all about shimmer. Look for a dusting of fine shimmery powder over lids, under eyes and maybe even on cheeks for an added glow. 

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Often seen on the European runways, luxe lashes are a runway staple. Pair with bright lips and expect to sport them next spring for a added touch of glam.

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The year of the bold lippie has arrived. In 2016, lips will be the focus of attention and summer is no exception. You new motto: Go bold or go home–grab a bold lipstick—and try again! 

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Your next summer lippie is a little Barbie meets South Beach. Thinks: transparent or creamy, orangy-pinks.

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Nail art reaches maturity next summer as once overly embellished talons go back-to basics experimenting with color, stripes and negative space. 


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