NYFW Fall 2013: Generation Next

Fresh faces in fashion showcasing their designs this season.

Celia L. Smith Feb, 06, 2013

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Chantel Walters launched in 2009 with a collection of cacoon sweaters. Since then the Londonite has expanded her line into structured-meets-fluid silhouettes inspired by android themed films such as The Matrix and Tron. Her edgy eye for style with ladylike fits are worth keeping an eye on.

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The Chantell Walters collection.

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Kimberly Goldson has been flying under the radar since she debuted her designs to the world as a finalist on Project Runway season 9 and launched a collection on Zappos.com. The Brooklyn native retreated to Atlanta where she sharpened her sewing skills and is now back in New York and ready to debut her Fall 2013 collection for the lady who is opposite the wallflower.

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Kimberly Goldson Fall 2012 collection.

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Menswear designer Sandro Romans draws inspiration from varied cultural experiences. Romans is Jamaican-born, Houston bred and is currently a New Yorker. If you expect to see your typical two-piece suit and traditional menswear plaid patterns, think again. Romans pushes the boundaries of stereotypical silhouettes and fabrics, using metallics, patterns and leather to make a statement.

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Sandro Romans Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

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Shauntelé has a knack for origami folds and luxurious fabrics and prides herself on manufacturing in the heart of New York City's garment district. Her background in textile consulting and production is clearly evident in her work. Embosed pony hair, mesh pleats and hand tacked detailing stands out in a mass market society.

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Shauntele Fall 2012 collection.

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Drapes, ruffles and flowy fabrics are Lambert's style signifier. Influences from her native Zimbabwe, experiences in London and time spent in America come to life in her colorful, dramatic designs.

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Evelyn Lambert collection "#2."

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In 2011 Jefferies launched ESPION, french for the word "spy," and with it's racey silhouettes and sexy fabrics the Parisian influence certainly runs deeper.

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Espion Atelier Fall 2012 collection.

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Designer Kahindo Mateene is based in Chicago, but her inspiration is deeply rooted in her hometown, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mateene combines vibrant African textiles with modern silhouettes like high-low hems and bold shoulder detailing. From Congo to Chicago, her line Modahnik finds a way blend the two worlds in one naturally.

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Modahnik Fall 2012 collection.