Nicole Miller: Legendary Style in the Making

Check out the latest fashions from style maker Nicole Miller's spring 2010 runaway collection from the tents at Bryant Park.
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 09, 2009

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Nicole Miller’s designs first hit the New York runway fashion scene in 1991, and after 18 years of presenting her women’s ready to wear collection, Miller still has one of the most highly anticipated shows of the season. followed the fashionable footsteps of the veteran design star as she prepared for her spring 2010 show at the Salon in Bryant Park. Find out what makes this fashion mogul mom tick.

Interviewed By Qianna Smith
Runway Review By Gwen Covington

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“I would not put Red Bull in my mouth,” says Miller when asked if she consumes energy drinks to keep her momentum going during the madness of Fashion Week. “I guess it’s just coffee for me.” Pictured here looking over the detail of one of her designs.

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Surrounded by pictures of her son and memorabilia, Miller’s office feels like a home away from home.

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Get the scoop on 3 things you would never guess about Nicole Miller.
1) “I’m very adventurous,” says the designer, who went to trapeze school this summer.
2) Miller is also big on water sports and enjoyed water skiing and wake boarding during the hot summer months.
3) “I feed all my friends with clams and had too many clam dinners,” says Miller on her new found clamming hobby.

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Miller greets a model that has come to hopefully be cast in her spring 2010 runway show.

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Models who are not requested by a designer to walk in their show will be sent out on a “go-see” where they meet with a potential client and show their modeling book, walk and get their picture taken.

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“The girl has to have a good walk,” says Miller on what it takes to be cast in her show as she closely watches how the model struts her stuff.

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Nicole Miller uniquely combines the ideas of elegance and rebellion to achieve a fun and subtle sexiness that is the essence of modern femininity. In her hands, the drape and cut of designer clothes are transformed into a younger, more sophisticated look.

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“I don’t think I ever dress ordinary,” shares Miller on her own personal style. “I just don’t like to put on the little dress unless I do something different to it. I add my own little touches to everything I wear.”

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When asked what an emerging designer needs to make it in this industry, Miller jokes, “I recommend they get rich parents, record a CD, become a celebrity and maybe they’ll have a chance.”

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“The way the world is going, so many brands are celebrity brands. I feel bad for kids in design school that don’t either have connections or money. They are going to be in the backroom designing for someone else’s name. There’s going to be more socialites and celebrities creating clothing lines and fewer real designer labels, and that’s a shame.”

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Nicole Miller’s brand encompasses everything from women’s ready to wear, bridal, home décor, to eyewear and accessories. When asked, if she plans to expand her line into any other market Miller shared, “We’ve never really focused on sportswear. Whenever I ship pants to my stores they always sell out, and I’ve not been focusing on it and I think it’s time to.”

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Nicole Miller’s atelier is a designer’s dream. Pictured here are the brand’s in-house seamstresses, who work on putting the finishing touches to the spring 2010 collection.

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Get design tips and style advice from the legendary Nicole Miller herself, pictured here backstage at her runway show. Miller shared that she twits and uses Facebook, so make sure you get your daily dose of design dos and don’ts.

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Hollywood fashionistas Amerie (left), Ciara and Amber Rose (right) attend the Nicole Miller Spring 2010 Fashion Show at the Salon at Bryant Park on September 11, 2009 in New York, New York.

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Redefining sexy, Nicole Miller’s spring collection was about a simplistic edge through the use metallic glossy prints.

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Monochromatic white done head to toe is a cool and confident color way.

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Light and crisp, this mint colored jacket is made fresh with over sized lapels and a slight sheen in the fabric.

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These prints, seen through out the collection, give a Sci-fi futuristic feel.

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It’s all about a cut out platform sandal, done in a textured silver leather.

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The little black dress gets a sporty with asymmetric racer style straps.

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Sleek hair is the theme, with a little shine and a lifted pomp adore front.

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Leggings are still big for spring 2010, these are updated with sequin paneling an graphic burnout treatment.

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A Bermuda short and tank top get a dressed up look.

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The vest is the springs ultimate jacket. The black leather fabric gives it an edgy touch.


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