Nicki Minaj's Life in Pictures

Nicki Minaj's Life in Pictures
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 22, 2010

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Nicki Minaj performed at day two of the ‘VH1 Divas Salute the Troops.’

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Nicki Minaj appears at Best Buy in NYC, to sign her new CD.

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Decked in the night’s most creative outfit, paired with a blond wig dipped in green, Minaj called her 2010 American Music Awards look “the dress version” of her debut album, “Pink Friday.”

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Always fearless with her fashion, Minaj sported a green wig with her pink ensemble to Lil’ Wayne’s album release party. “Everyday, I wake up and know who I want to be,” she says.

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Whether it’s a blond wig with green or pink edges Minaj always sticks to her own fashion rules.

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Nicki was back to a basic black wig during a stop at the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

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The pink wigs, explained Minaj’s stylist, are to promote her album, “Pink Friday.” “You’re going to see a lot of pink with her over the next few months,” she added.

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Minaj channeled Donatella Versace at the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards.

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Adding a feminine touch to her pink wig, Minaj wore a classic vest and trousers to present at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

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Minaj’s purple spandex jumpsuit paired with a pink beehive complimented’s outre look.

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Minaj added a burst of orange to her all-white dress at the 2010 BET Awards. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear she was channeling Pebbles Flintstone with this one.

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Nicki sports her favorite pink and green color combination during a stop at BET.

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Before the burst of color in 2010, Minaj opted for a tougher look at the 2009 BET Hip Hop Awards.


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