A New, Natural You: 10 Resolutions For Your Hair

As 2012 comes to a close, now is the time to map out a plan to achieve your hair goals in the New Year. Whether you want to retain more length or find a new style, here are 10 tips to try for fab hair in 2013.

Nicole Marie Melton Dec, 26, 2012

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Do away with that same old puff and get creative in 2013! From updos to twist-and-curls, there are so many options for styling natural hair. Copy and save online photos to your desktop and start ripping pages from magazines to keep as inspiration. Once you have a hearty stockpile of new styles to try, you'll be excited about shaking things up. 

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Your social media feed is full of the best natural hair inspiration around! On Instagram, search the hashtag #naturalhair to find new styles to try, and on Facebook make sure to "like" your favorite bloggers' fan pages. If you don't know by now, YouTube is also a great resource for many curly girls.  Don't go there unless you have a few hours to spare—it's addictive! 

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If it's been awhile since you've worn your hair straight, consider heat styling the healthy way. To avoid heat damage, only straighten hair that has been properly deep conditioned and moisturized. Also, it's imperative that you apply a heat protectant and do not use the highest setting on your flat iron. 

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Braids made a comeback in 2012, and they'll still be going strong in 2013. Take your cues from Jill Scott, who recently sported a dazzling braided updo, or Solange, who has worn waist-length box braids with flair.

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Are you still rocking your natural hair color? You know, the one you've had your entire life?  Bor-ing! Make 2013 the year you spice up your style with color. You can choose a subtle change with highlights or opt for a total transformation with an all-over dye-job. Healthy hair can be colored without damage as long as you are moisturizing and conditioning to keep the hair hydrated.

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If you've been transitioning for a few months now and are considering doing the Big Chop in 2013, just do it! Yes, you can have a successful transition with your relaxed ends hanging on for dear life, but I guarantee you'll eventually fall in love with your fierce, super-short 'do.

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There's nothing wrong with adding a few tracks for fullness and styling versatility. The key to making your weave look its best is making sure you purchase hair with a texture similar to your own. Have a consultation with your stylist to get recommendations or don't be afraid to politely stop a sister on the street to ask where she got her hair from. You might just discover a true gem!

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By now you've got a lot of products piling up in your bathroom cabinet...and the linen closet and your dresser drawer and those bins under your bed. Hmm hmm, we know all about that life, girl. In 2013, vow to narrow down your list of must-have, tried-and-true products. If you're holding on to anything that didn't work for you, donate it to a friend. Clear the clutter, and your regimen and hair will change for the better.

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Hats, scarves and headbands are cute, but sometimes they can do more harm than good. Purchase a few satin bonnets to wear under your hats and add strips of satin onto the back of your headbands using iron-on tape from the craft store. Speaking of satin, make sure you're sleeping on a satin pillowcase every night, too. No exceptions!

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Hair envy is not and never will be "cool,"  so learn to love what you've got! If you're secretly wishing you had a different curl pattern or a longer length, make 2013 the year you embrace everything about your own unique hair. You can't change your texture or make your hair grow overnight, but you can learn how to care for your hair and retain more length. Focus on maintaining healthy hair, and all your hair goals will follow suite.


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