Need Inspiration? 10 Easy DIY Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

Headed to an adult Halloween party this year? Show up and show out together with one of these inspired ideas.

Charli Penn Oct, 09, 2015

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Take back the Empire together this Halloween. You’ll Need: Animal print, fur and big hair you and a sharp suit and scarf for him. OR, in light of recent events on the new season, an orange jail jumpsuit can work for him too.

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The kingdom is waiting for you to nail this one – make us proud. You’ll Need: Load up on tulle, crowns and bling.

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Our newest TV couple obsession will make the perfect look for you and yours. You’ll Need: Big gorgeous curls and medical scrubs for you and suburban husband chic for him.

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Talk that talk honey and walk that walk money. You’ll Need: A camera, overalls and black baseball cap for you and a leather jacket for him. Bonus Points: Practice a few poems and make Chicago proud.

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Did you do that? No? Well, you should. Nothing says 90s costume gold like these famous frenemies. You’ll Need: Lots of red 90s-inspired attire for Laura's ensemble and suspenders and a good snort for Steve.

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Head out for the evening as one of the 90s most iconic TV couples and you may not have to buy a thing. You’ll Need: Head to your closet and dig out your 90s finest (bright blazers included) and practice your hilarious one-liners.

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This Halloween, channel our favorite 90s college sweethearts—Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne and Dwayne Wayne. You’ll Need: Something prim and proper for you and something quirky and Afrocentric for him. But, don’t forget the shades!

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This powerful fist bump was the definition of #relationshipgoals. Remake the moment without having to spend a dime. You’ll Need: That fierce purple sheath in your closet and your pearls will do just fine. He’ll just have to throw on his best suit. Awesome Obama impersonation recommended, but not required.

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Remember these two characters could bicker with the best of them. Another easy way to rework your 90s wardrobe and dust off your best yo-mama jokes and snaps. You’ll Need: An Afrocentric vest and slacks for him and your best 90s powersuit with an extra dose of sass.

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If you’re going to dress up as an iconic couple, be sure to pick an iconic moment in their career. This one should do it if you're planning to dress up as the Carters. You’ll Need: A bodysuit and tights for you and an American Flag t-shirt, shades and a few gold chains for him.


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