Naked Truth: 17 Celebs Who've Bared It All

Laverne Cox slays as she goes nude in the latest issue of "Allure." Of course, she isn't the first celeb to look flawless minus clothes. From promos to Playboy, here's a look at celebs who bared it all with no shame.
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 17, 2015

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Orange Is The New Black star Laverne Cox went nude to highlight the beauty of trans women of color in an Allure magazine feature. 

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Henson wasn’t afraid to bare it all to show her stance against fur.

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The soulful crooner had everyone begging for more when he released a sexy video for “How Does it Feel?” Had the camera panned down just a few more inches this video would have been X-rated. Just saying…

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In 2010, Badu was fined for indecent exposure for filming her video for “Window Seat” in the nude. It was a small price to pay to get the whole world focused on the message she was trying to relay.

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The singer appeared nude, albeit with parts of her body strategically covered, on the cover of the October 2009 issue of VIBE magazine, and later insisted she wasn’t “really” naked. Girllllllll….

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This southern rapper stripped down for the PETA campaign and it shocked a lot of us. We aren’t quite sure if this was a good idea, either way it got our attention.

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Women nationwide picked up the October 2010 issue of ESPN for the first time ever, just to study Stoudemire in the “Body Issue” going for a jump shot with no uniform and no boxers. Damn.

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The Cincinnati Bengals player took it all off for PETA.

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Beauvais decided to get real “fancy” in August 2007 when she decided to grace the cover of Playboy in a transparent rainbow sheath — while five months pregnant!

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She’s a model, and for a model posing nude is often all in day’s work. What makes Naomi special? Her body is a work of art. So, her Playboy spread gets a pass.

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In 2007 Williams posed nude for Jane Magazine, and in 2009 Serena flexed naked for the cover of ESPN’s annual Body Issue. A beautiful spread for a beautiful woman.

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Although Mariah Carey posed for Playboy, it was her 2007 Interview magazine cover, on which she wore nothing but a smile and a skimpy see-through lace piece of cloth, that caused a stir.

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Built like a Greek god, NFL’er T.O. got naked and ripped for promo shots of the first season of his reality show, “The T.O Show,” in 2009.

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In 2004, Janet may not have bared it all, but exposing that one nipple during Super Bowl XXXVIII made for one of the most memorable halftimes in football history.

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Stacey Dash wasn't always as conservative as she is today. She once appeared in nude spread in a 2006 issue of Playboy magazine (and looked just as great as she does today).

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New artist Timothy Bloom’s video “Till the End of Time” features him and singer V. Bozeman in the nude. All we can say is Black love never looked so good.

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Actress Robin Givens also appeared in a sultry cover and spread in Playboy magazine.