Nail Art Owned The Runways at NYFW

If you thought that nail art was dead, the NYFW spring 16 collections proved you wrong! From marbleized nails at Houghton to colorful checkered prints at Libertine, nail art is definitely back in a major way! Find your next mani obession, here!

Virginia Lowman Sep, 17, 2015

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Monochrome is so Spring 2015.  Next season, channel your inner child with colorful checkered prints and 3D nail appliques.

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Opt for a nude base and give each nail a signature look by swirling three of your favorite polishes together.

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That whole matchy-matchy mani is so drab. Have a little fun and experiement with a different nail trend on each nail.

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If you must stick with one shade, make it bright! Our vote's in for a pinky-red like this magenta hue.

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Who needs color when you have shimmer? Prep nails with a base coat and follow up with a fine shimmer polish and a shiny top coat.

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Top off cream nails with a luminous pearl polish for a look that's Breakfast at Tiffany's meets Uptown Girls.

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Nude nails get a 24K textural upgrade using Deborah Lippman's "Gold Digger" polish.

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Give your mani a little metallic flare with a thin strip of gold or silver tape!

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Spruce up a simple mani with a graphic line placed sporadically on each nail. Uniformity is not encouraged.

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Marbleized nails are back! Give your nails a swirl-like effect with two to three of your favorite polishes and finish with a shiny top coat.

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Don't have the length you want? Don't sweat it! Press-on's make a comeback next spring. Paint your talons different shades of the same hue and add a little flare with metallic tape.

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Ombré nails get a makeover using sunset hues. Finish with a shiny top coat and wait for the compliments to roll in.

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All gold everything! Gold foil to a clear manicure for nails that double as art.

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Stiletto mani's still having a moment. Stipple on black polish using a sponge for a gothic mani with a classic edge.

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Next season is all about changing it up! Consider your nails a canvas for art— make each one special.

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Up the ante on your nail game with structural details like these angular tips.

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Embrace your inner artist with delicate floral art embellishes with small pearls. Don't have the skills? Ask your favorite nail tech for the hook up!

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Caviar mani's marry modern art to create über textured nail look using foils and geometric shapes.

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So you cut a cutical? If you're down to set a new trend, dress your nails isn band-aids— they may be the season's most affordable accessory yet!


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