NAACP Convention 2010

NAACP Convention 2010
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 12, 2010

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“I know that I stand here today and I know where my husband stands, and it is because of this organization,” said First Lady Michelle Obama. “However, I think the founders of this organization would agree that our work is not yet done. We need to keep focused, discipline, and keep fighting for our children and future generations to come.”

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Title: NAACP President and CEO
“There is once again an insurgent movement in this country to tear this country apart,” said Jealous. “When we pull off the veneer what we see behind them are wealthy law firms and fancy lobbyist like Dick Army, the faux populous rage represented by the Tea Party. This group of people are smaller than they have ever been in our society…"

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Title: Environmental Protection Administrator
“African American, even affluent African American communities are disproportionately affected by the environment every single day. We are in the shadow of our pollutants.”

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Title: NAACP Chairman
“America must be commended for significant race progress, but we are not there yet,” said Brock. “When you consider, rising hate crimes and insurgence of the tea party movement along with conservative ideologues who seek to turn back the clock on civil rights gains, there is still much more work to be done.”

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Title: Director to the NAACP’s Washington Bureau / Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Policy
“If anyone asks where the NAACP is, it’s in our agenda. We want you all to be educated on the big things as well as the bills that reach Congress.”

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Title: Pfizer’s Chief Diversity Officer
“We must be focused on health care implementation and health issues and our strength in doing so comes from our local units. We must reengage with our local and state units…"

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Title: Vice Chairman, NAACP Board of Directors
“We just adapted major health care reform in this country and the Association played a critical role in getting that legislation adapted. But now we really have important and hard work to do. And that is the work of seeing to that the implementation of this new legislation works to favor and improve health care for our communities across this nation.”

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Title: President elect of the National Medical Association
“When it comes to prevention and wellness, it is important that we work together to broaden our scope of information. Together we can accomplish more, through partnership we can achieve.”

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Title: Social and Economic Equality Advocate
“There is a huge weed of health disparities and we have been pruning the weed, we need to get to the root of the problem. We haven’t eliminated racial disparities in health care but widen them.”

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Title: Social and Economic Equality Advocate
“Childhood obesity is a failure of policy. When we think about childhood obesity we have to think about it as a structural problem. For the first time we discovered that children will not live as long as their parents and it is because of our policy structures.”


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