My Selfie Journey: Val Butler

Val was raised thinking that the straighter her hair, the better opportunities she'll have in life. Now as an adult, she put those myths aside and is learning to be herself. Val's hair journey is one of cultural adventure, semi-impulsive excitement and self-discovery.

Deena Campbell Feb, 02, 2015

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My hair is…. natural.

I started my hair journey… March 2013

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My current hair regimen includes… lots of co-washing, leave-in treatments for moisturizing and repair and most importantly, PATIENCE!

My favorite hair products include… Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp and Tamanu's Grow & Strengthen Treatment Masque for natural looks. CHI silk and Keratin Midst for straightened looks.

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The secret to having healthy hair is... giving your hair the attention it deserves.

My biggest hair challenge is… detangling! Ugh!

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I love my hair because… its one of my greatest tools for expressing myself.

My hair crush is... Tracee Ellis Ross!


# Natural


# Natural