My Selfie Journey: Stacy Robinson

Stacy Robinson has always been adventurous with her hair. She relaxed it for years, rocking various styles from a short pixie cut to a mohawk. Currently she’s transitioning from relaxed to natural and loves wearing braids. Read on to learn more about her journey.

Deena Campbell Jul, 01, 2014

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My hair is…In transition.

I started my journey…Two times previously, but I lost patience with the mid-length growing out process. This time around I stuck with it and have been natural since April 2013.

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My current regimen consists of

· Monthly washings with T-Gel therapeutic shampoo to control dandruff and cradle cap.

· Bi-weekly washings with Inflúance moisturizing shampoo

· Trims every 2-4 months

My Favorite products include

1. Perfect Edges by Creme of Nature

2. BioSilk Silk Therapy Oil

3. Organic Root Stimulator Coconut Oil

4. Smooth N Shine Polishing spray-on polisher

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My biggest challenge is…learning to deal with the mid-length stage. I has always been an awkward phase for me, hence this is my third attempt at going natural. Now I am using sew-ins and braids to avoid the mid-length awkward stage.

The secret to having healthy hair is…keeping it clean, conditioned, trimmed, and avoiding too much heat by constantly flat ironing.

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I love my hair because…each kink and curl is a gift from God reminding me of my rich African heritage. It’s thick and versatile; curls when it gets wet or I can wear it straight.

My hair crush is…Tanika Ray, co-host of Oh Sit!, formally of Extra.