My Selfie Journey: Sara Twyman

Blonde-haired naturalista, Sara Twyman, takes her curls seriously. Though she follows a rather basic care regimen, she has a no-muss-no-fuss nightly routine that helps her prevent breakage and keeps her curls in check. Find out more, here!

Virginia Lowman Aug, 17, 2015

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My hair is...Soft and fluffy

I started my hair journey...My last relaxer was fall 2007 and I big chopped in 2009.

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My current hair regimen includes...I shampoo every other week and I co-wash in between then. 

My favorite products are...My satin bonnet. I pinapple my hair at night, put on my bonnet and fluff my hair in the morning. It makes a huge difference. 

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The secret to having healthy hair is... Definitely drinking lots of water. I won't act like I'm a health nut, but it's definitely important to maintain a healthy diet and only eat junk food in moderation.

My biggest hair challenge...I get very tangly ends; so, it's about not getting frustrated and really taking the time to sort through the knots instead of pulling them out. I also struggle with breakage. But, in order to maintain length, you have to learn to be patient with your hair.

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I love my hair because... I just love the curls! Sometimes I straighten it and I find myself missing the curls. I love the softness and the volume of it all. I touch my hair more when it's curly. I have three different curl patterns and I love them all.

My hair crush is... I have so many, but I've always loved Jill Scott's hair any way she's worn it. She's so verstile and really just embraces every look. Her hair is phenomenal! So, Jill first, Erykah [Badu] second.


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