My Selfie Journey: Romance Cox

When Romance began her natural hair journey in 2011, she didn’t know where the journey would take her. Four years later the Ohio-born beauty hosts natural hair events and encourages ladies to embrace their curls.

Deena Campbell Mar, 02, 2015

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My hair is...natural.

I started my hair journey...On November 1, 2011. I began a journey that would forever change my outlook on beauty and its standards. I cut my relaxed, shoulder length hair into a small, curly afro.

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My favorite hair products include...

  • 1. Honey Hair Chile Lush Custard
  • 2. Aunaturals LCO KIT
  • 3. AS I AM CO WASH
  • 4. Lottabody setting lotion, and many more.

The secret to having healthy hair take the time to care and maintain your strands. It takes time to properly care for your hair. Maintaining natural hair isn’t always easy. I’ve experienced the highs of the perfect twist out or rod set, but I also know the lows of hair breakage, dryness, and all-around bad hair days.

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My biggest hair challenge is...length. It can be very time consuming when styling but I wouldn't change anything about it.

I love my hair's a huge part of me and my best accessory. I’ve learned to embrace my natural hair texture by being creative and versatile which allows me to show others that you can achieve any look while being natural.

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My hair crush is...Janae Mason. She has perfected the rod set and makes it look easy!


# Natural


# Natural