My Selfie Journey: Mia Fleming

As a local news correspondent in Tulsa Oklahoma, a market depleat of color, Mia Fleming learned to protect her curls through the use of extensions and protective styles. Here, she gives us the scoop on how she maintains her curls on and off the screen.

Virginina Lowman Jul, 13, 2015

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My hair! It's been a challenge, but I'm loving it now. 

I started my hair journey...5 years ago

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My current hair regimen includes...I've found that moisture is my biggest friend. I used to be a product junkie and buy everything on the market, and then I tried to get a little smarter product-wise and avoid going broke in the process.

The secret to having healthy hair is...Vitamins! I definitely take biotin, but I have to spread it out because it can sometimes cause headaches. For the most part I stick to the Hair, Skin and Nails supplements. I really notice a difference when I take them.

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My biggest hair challenge is...

Definitely single-strand knots. I can comb through my hair every single day, use a leave-in conditioner and still have to deal with them. So frustrating.

My favorite prodcuts include.. I love Shea Moisture products. I also like to use Organic Coconut Oil.

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I love my hair because... I love my hair because it's unique to me. I think a lot of people have false expecations when they go natural. You see these girls with these big, beautiful curls and you think everyone has that curl pattern, which is untrue. But, I love my curl pattern. Sure, I have knots, but I love my curls! I'm learning my hair and I love it. Now I'm like, why did I ever perm it?

My hair crush is... I love Hey Fran Hey. I also really love Lauryn Hill and of course, Tracy Ellis Ross. 


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# Natural