My Selfie Journey: Jueville Hagans

Among friends, Jueville Hagans, is infamous for her gorgeous natural hair. Though she often wears her hair braided in various protective styles, don't be fooled, the girl's got curls for days and a personality to match!

Virginia Lowman Jul, 27, 2015

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My hair is...Big!

I started my hair journey... December 2012

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The secret to having healthy hair is... Conditioning-- moisturizing and conditioning--is the secret; it helps your length retention.

My biggest hair challenge is... Wash days! And, detangling. My hair is really curly and thick, so really taking the time out to section it out piece-by-piece takes a lot of patience. I start by finger combing, then I go through with a wide-tooth comb that has intertwining teeth and I finish with a detangling brush. 

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My hair regimen includes... Co-washing. After I co-wash I add more conditioner and I normally try to style without heat. I may wear [my hair] out 3-4 days out of the month. My hair is really big, so especially during the summer months when it's really hot, protective styles are a must.

My favorite hair products include...  Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Organic Coconut Oil. I am constantly conditioning my hair to lock in moisture.

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I love my hair because... God gave it to me! It's natural and I love it. And, it's thick!

My hair crush is... SupaNaturalTammy. She's on Instagram as @Mz_Tammy. She has beautiful hair!


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# Natural