My Selfie Journey: D'Arcy

Although D'Arcy never liked her hair straight, she always relaxed it. Four years ago she stopped straightening it, began watching YouTube videos and cut a few inches off every month. It is, by far, her best decision ever.

Deena Campbell Sep, 23, 2014

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My hair is…natural.

I started my hair journey...In July 2010 I stopped relaxing my hair and transitioned due to breakage. Of course there were days when I wanted to get a relaxer and forget about it but I managed to make it through a year. I started cutting a few inches every month and doing braid outs.

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My current hair regimen consists of...

Co-washing once a week.

Sulfate free shampooing once a month.

Deep conditioning once a week.

Using oils daily.

My favorite hair products include...

Aussie moist conditioner

Handmade Shea butter

Handmade Coconut oil

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The secret to having healthy hair is...less manipulation.

My biggest hair challenge is...fighting frizz!

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I love my hair's big and versatile.

My hair crush is...Tracee Ellis Ross!


# Natural


# Natural