My Selfie Journey: The Best of 2014

With the beginning of 2015 hours away, it’s time to look back at some of our favorite My Selfie Journeys released this year. Be sure to submit your story at

Deena Campbell Dec, 31, 2014

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With the beginning of 2015 hours away, it’s time to look back at some of our favorite My Selfie Journey's released this year. Be sure to submit your story at 


When Alia and Delcia Johnson, identical twin sisters from South Florida, decided to get a texturizer for their senior prom the end results were damaging. Last year the aspiring high fashion models stopped relaxing their hair and have experienced great fun trying new styles.

Our hair is…natural. 

We started our hair journey…in April 2014.

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Our Biggest hair challenge is… going through the process of transitioning to natural hair!

Our favorite hair products are...anything by SheaMoisture.

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Our current hair regimen consists of...wash n gos and twist/braid outs.

We love our hair because…we have many [styling] options! We enjoy learning and trying new hairstyles and the freedom of having our own hair.

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When Michelle decided to stop relaxing her hair, she took it a step further and started a natural hair care line for women just like herself.


My hair is… Natural.

I started my hair journey…in early 2010, after the birth of my son. My perm hair started to shed tremendously, so that gave me the opportunity to return natural. I transitioned for 5 months and decided to formulate my own homemade hair products and it really worked wonders for my children and me.

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My current hair regimen includes… using items that are 100% natural.

My favorite hair products include… M.A.K Natural Smoothie in strawberry and raw shea butter.

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The secret to having healthy hair is...

My biggest hair challenge is... dealing with the difficulties of managing my natural hair.

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I love my hair helped me motivate and empower individuals who desire to embrace themselves.

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Dr. Nia Malika Pole started her natural hair journey eight years ago when she became very ill. Taking care of her relaxed hair wasn’t a priority. One day she walked into a stylist's booth in Atlanta and the stylist cut off her damaged, permed hair. It was the most freeing and scary thing she had ever done.


My hair is…natural and loc'd!

I started my (loc) journey… October 6, 2011.

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My current hair regimen includes

• Going to my loctician every 4-6 weeks for a wash, condition, color, re-twist, and style

• Spraying my roots and hair with water and lightly with leave in conditioners

• Washing and setting my hair with curlers to get it curly between re-twists

• Sleeping on a satin pillowcase or in a bonnet

My favorite hair products include


• Jamaican Mango and Lime Sproil Spray Oil

• Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Refresher Spray

• Jamaican Black Castor Oil (for my edges)

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The secret to having healthy hair is... Moisture! I try to make sure my locs don't get dry by spritzing it with water. Sleeping with a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase is important because cotton dries out our hair.

My biggest hair challenge is… Remembering to wear a bonnet every single night! Honestly, I’ve gone to sleep many nights on my cotton pillowcase with no bonnet, scarf or any other hair protection. My sister recently gave me a silk pillowcase and now I don’t have to worry about that as much.

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I love my hair because… It makes me (feel) free! I’m not afraid of rain, wind, or working out. I don't have to sleep cute. Accepting an invitation to an event is not succeeded by me thinking, “I have to get my hair done” My hair is always done! I truly understand how fabulous my natural hair is!

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My hair is… Natural!

I started my hair journey… in October 2011. I guess you can call me spontaneous! I accepted a dare to cut off my hair and an hour later I was in the chair at Super Cuts.

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My current hair regimen includes…

· Shampooing every two months

· Deep conditioning every two months

· Applying a leave in conditioner twice a week

· Applying water at least 3 times a week

· Hair Grease daily

My favorite hair products include

· Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Collection

· Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Collection

· Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Collection

· Taliah Waajid The Great Detangler

· Ultra Sheen Hair Grease

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The secret to having healthy hair is… to listen to YOUR hair. Everyone’s hair is different and will respond differently to products. You have to find what works best for you through experimenting. 

My biggest hair challenge is… Worrying about if my hair is professional enough for a job interview. I constantly battle with deciding if it's too “big” and if people will accept me for me and not my hair. Having natural hair comes with the labels of being poetic, playing the guitar, lighting incense, and being a vegetarian. These are not bad things, but it is challenging to not be placed in a box or labeled because I chose to wear it in it’s natural state.

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I love my hair because… we grow together. It’s really true that when a woman cuts her hair, she will change her life. I have learned so much about myself just by cutting my hair. I learned to address my insecurities head on without having hair to hide behind. My hair is vivacious! She has a mind of her own and we both demand attention!

My hair crush is… Jessica Lewis aka MahoganyCurls. She has a beautiful personality and spirit!

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Vinnika Johnson grew tired of hearing negative comments about how she should wear her hair. Two months ago she decided to cut it all of and, in turn, she feels extremely free.


My hair is…Relaxed

I started my hair journey… in April 2011, which marked the beginning of going natural along with wearing a full-weave sew in for the first time to minimize heat damage and allow my hair to grow.

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My current hair regimen includes… visiting my hair stylist in Houston every two weeks, deep conditioning once a month, and using coconut oil.

My favorite hair products include… Organix Shampoo & Conditioner, Nairobi Sheer Shine and Creme of Nature Perfect Edges.

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The secret to having healthy hair is...maintenance and understanding your hair. No matter how you wear your hair – dreadlocks, weave, natural, etc., there are ways to keep your hair healthy!

My biggest hair challenge is… learning how to manage short hair on my own. I’m not as skilled as my hair stylist or ladies who’ve been wearing short hair for years.

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I love my hair because…it’s versatile and I have full creative rights to wear my hair as it suits me! I’ve been natural, worn weaves and now I’m rocking a short hairstyle that I love (it's even shorter now).

My hair crush is... Jennifer Hudson! Her haircut is fierce and she wears it confidently!

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When Samantha White completed business school, she decided to stop relaxing her hair and travel the world with braids. Her hair flourished, and she loved the feel of her natural curls. When she returned, Samantha decided to continue to rocker her hair naturally.


My hair is... natural and beautiful just the way it is. As my hair has continued to grow I have had numerous people comment that ‘my hair is a good length but it would be nicer if I braid it, weave it or relax it. But, after years of struggling with my hair, I have learned to accept and love my hair for what it is on any given day.

I started my hair journey… in 2003, although, it remained a struggle to learn to manage it for years to come.

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My current hair regimen includes… Anita Grant’s Rhassoul Clay Treatment once a month, Curl Junkie Curl Rehab deep conditioner every two weeks and a follow-up co-wash with varying conditioners. I try to rinse my hair with water most days and seal with a homemade water and shea butter mixture.

My favorite hair products… include natural ingredients. I think my hair responds best to all-natural products so I use a combination of my own home made products as well as mainstream brands.

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The secret to having healthy hair is… overall optimal health. My hair has broken drastically twice in my life, first when I was in business school when I experienced breakage along the sides of my head. The second time was while working in my previous corporate role before starting my business Anansi handbags. Although, I have spent thousands on my hair over time, I now recognize that the key to healthy hair is a healthy optimal body. When I am content my hair reflects my state and prolonged bouts of stress has an immense impact which is not masked by topical creams, oils or vitamins.

My biggest hair challenge is… not putting my hands in my hair…I love the feel of my curls and do tend to play with it regularly so my challenge is to keep my hands out of my hair

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I love my hair because… it has grown and evolved with me. It reflects the journey of my life and when I look back at previous photos I always smile as my hair has grown along with me. My hair is like a good song even when I hear or see pictures years later. I smile and fondly reminisce about the events of the past.

My hair crush is… UK Natural Hair Blogger Laila of Fusion of Cultures. London can be damp so protective styling is key and she has some great styles and inspiration … I have tried so many of her up-dos!

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