For My Bald Bellas: Tips For Ladies Who Shave It All Off (or Keep It Short)

To me, there is nothing more striking, bold and statement making than a woman with a shaved head. It takes courage and strength to rock the look. It makes a daily statement that despite all of society’s messages about long hair and crowning glory, that your beauty is not up for debate and you’re confident enough not to need a mane to hide behind.

There are many reasons why people choose to shave their hair down or completely off. For women, it can be because of illness, or alopecia. Maybe you live somewhere super hot and you’re sick and tired of hair on your neck. Maybe just because you feel like it and you know you look fierce with or without hair! Here are five tips for the ladies who choose to shave it off and keep it off, or keep it super low. Here’s how you can best maintain your bald or close cropped look.

Afrobella Sep, 22, 2014