Must-See Hairstyles From The 2016 MTV Movie Awards

From beachy waves, to crown braids, the 2016 MTV Movie Awards brought the best hairstyles of the season. Take a look!

Deena Campbell Apr, 11, 2016

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Empire’s Ta'Rhonda Jones slays the red carpet with a curly mohawk with tapered sides.

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And the side view looks even better!

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Of course we love Halle Berry’s classic pixie cut, but her long beachy curls are a total win. And, the bang is nothing less than perfection.

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Kat Graham’s ombre soft curls set the glamorous tone for the red carpet.

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And, they look even better from the side.

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Cheryl James of Salt-n-Pepa goes red hot at the MTV Movie Awards.

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Entertainment correspondent, Nischelle Turner makes adds a touch of sophistication to the red carpet with an elegant crown braid.

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And, when coupled with sleek edges and long hair, it’s a look perfect for any occasion.