Must-Have Gadgets for the Digital Diva

Must-Have Gadgets for the Digital Diva
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 31, 2011

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We’re excited about this one: Blackberry’s first foray into the tablet market finds the PDA maker swinging at the competition. The Flash enabled device comes equipped with support for 1080p HD video, two cameras, HDMI output and Enterprise support, should you ever want to use it for work. Coming soon!

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An extremely limited offering, the stylish 16GB Giorgio Armani branded Galaxy S features a 5 megapixel camera and Wi-Fi capability tucked into the phone’s premium black appliqué finish. Price: $1,300.

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This is the smallest USB key on the market – around 20 mm – and holds up to 16GB (!), while looking super cool. Plug it into your computer and forget it’s there until you need it again. Technology is amazing, isn’t it? Price: $27.

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All the fun of a DSLR camera but in the size of a compact, Sony’s NEX-5 lets you add a series of lenses – including an 18-200mm zoom lens – to make a shooting situation an easy one. All that, and it looks hot! Starting price: $622.

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Styled as a work of modern art, Sony’s flagship OLED TV, the XEL-1 displays beautiful color and picture from its ultra-thin 3-mm thick monitor, which sits atop an “intelligent base” that houses two HDMI ports and a Memory Stick slot. Price: $2,200.

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Completely touch-sensitive, this innovative printer lets you capture still photographs from your HD movies to make beautiful full-color prints, and with Wi-Fi connectivity, allows for wireless printing through most mobile devices. That’s pretty cool. Price: $200.

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Get your hands on the first 3-D shooting camcorder. Panasonic’s fully HD handheld comes equipped with a detachable 3-D Leica Dicomar lens that will add some serious depth to your home movies. Now all you need is a 3-D TV. Price: $1,400.

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By using an onboard SD car, the Car DVR records your driving from the front or rear of your car, so should you end up in an accident, you’ll know just who to blame. Brilliant! All for $40.

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Toshiba’s 13-inch slim notebook computer packs a good amount of punch into a small package, with a 500GB hard drive, 2.2GHz Intel Core 13. And, with built-in support for 4G wireless, you’ll be able to get online anytime. Price: $999.

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Weighing in at under 14 ounces, Samsung’s touch-screen, Android-powered tablet features a front and rear camera, lets you surf the web, engage with apps and supports Flash. The size here is the key to its popularity: at 7 inches, it plays against all those that love the iPad but find it cumbersome. Starting at $349.

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Boxee plays videos stored or streamed through your computer onto your TV screen. Watch live sports games, web shows, concerts and more for around $200. Plus, the module looks futuristic on your shelf.

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We know, not technically a gadget — but it is a way to upgrade your gadget. It makes sense that one of the world’s most luxurious brands would create a case for Apple’s iPad. Available in LV’s signature monogram and monochrome Damier Graphite, the sleeve-styled cases retail for $366.

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The “green” trend of cold brew coffee, which features 69% less acid than hot-brewed coffee, gets environmentally friendly with the Cold Brew Coffee Maker. It uses no heat or electricity to produce a hot or cold cup o’ joe. Price: $50.

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Control everything in your home through this new in-wall touch screen Control4. When you walk in a room, the lights switch on, the room temperature will adjust, a song will cue from your computer – all for around $1,200. This is for those die-hard digi divas out there.

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The premium grade ear buds for your iPod and iPhone experience — exceptional functionality, crystal-clear sound and razor sharp design. Also, the headphones are so comfortable, you’ll never want to take them off. Price: $100.

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