Must-Have Cold-Weather Beauty Solutions

Outsmart chilly temps and keep your glow all winter long with these genius beauty treats.

Nicole Marie Melton Nov, 09, 2012

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The Fix: Yes To Carrots Scalp Relief Shampoo

This stimulating scalp soother is a dream come true for winter dandruff blues. It contains tea tree oil and lemon extract to combat scalp irritation and salicylic acid to reduce flaking.  Cypress oil and organic carrots provide essential moisture.

$7.99, available at Target.

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The Fix: Biao Beauty Rejuvenating Mask

Chilly temps tend to exacerbate sensitive skin, so safeguard against added irritation with this hydrating, all natural mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes to allow moisturizing ingredients such as Moroccan rose oil and sunflower oil to gently dissolve into the skin.

$42.50, available at Biao Beauty.

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The Fix: EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Oil

If you're wearing heavy scarves and hats that rub against your hair, you may begin to experience additional breakage.  Protect your hair against harsh, heavy fibers by always wearing a satin bonnet or scarf under your winter hats.  Also, keep your scalp hydrated and your ends sealed with this nourishing oil that won't weigh hair down.

$9.47, available at Walmart.

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The Fix:  Pura Botanica All Natural Hand Cream Smoother

Our hands get a tough beating when the cold weather hits, so be sure to pack a hand cream in your tote to keep dry hands at bay.  This cream replenishes stressed skin with a combination of West African shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin E and calming all-natural vanilla for hands that are soft to the touch.

$14.00, available at Pura Botanica.

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The Fix: Arian Simone Oatmeal and Honey Foaming Sugar Scrub

Now that you're covering up a lot more skin during the colder months, it's easy to forget to give your knees and elbows a little TLC.  Slough away rough skin with this luxurious body scrub that works into a creamy lather for gentle exfoliation.

$15, available at Arian Simone Beauty.

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The Fix: Me & The Girls Mini Beauty Luxury Trial & Travel Set

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, you may find that traveling from one climate to the next and stuffy airplane cabins will make your skin go berserk.  This handy beauty set, which contains the Limonum Body Scrub, Lavandula Revive Softening Creme, Moon Anti-Aging Night Facial Moisturizer, Moon Serum, and Lavandula Revive Foot Scrub, allows you to pack all the essentials for calm skin in your carry-on. 

$58, available at Me & The Girls.

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The Fix: Nivea Intense Moisture Medicated Healing Lip Repair

It's much more challenging to keep lips moisturized in the fall and winter due to the drying effects of cold air.  Protect your puckers against dryness with this healing moisture balm which provides long-lasting lip repair.

$2.99, available at CVS.


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