Muscle Mania: 20 Abs So Hot You'll Need A Minute

Your Monday can't get any hotter than this! (You're welcome.)

Charli Penn Aug, 24, 2015

1 of 20 Marvin Bienaime/BienaimeAgency

Once we laid eyes on British trainer and model Quinton’s jaw-dropping physique, we just couldn’t turn away.

2 of 20 James C. Lewis for Noire3000 | N3K Studios

Model, actor and musician Devan Dunson has sex appeal for days. Ladies, prepare to fall in love!

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Humble heartthrob Karras Jordan may play it a little coy with the ladies, but when the shirt comes off, he has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Remember this sexy guy?

4 of 20 Nathan Paul Photography

Texas-based aspiring model and actor Brandon J. Boyd makes sexy look effortless, loves to cook and goes nuts for a woman who goes for what she wants. Are you in love yet? We are!

5 of 20 C Richard Minott for iBrandimaging

Hunky health coach Gichi Gamba’s abs are like a work of art. The midwestern-born cutie has our full attention.

6 of 20 James C. Lewis for Noire3000 | N3K

Keep a photo of model Xavier Perkins handy to keep you warm this coming winter.

7 of 20 Peak Photography By Clint Easley

Photo perfection like this doesn't need a caption. But just so you won't be strangers, this is model and bartender Black Carwile.

8 of 20 Jason H. Hall for JH Photography

“I believe a woman’s sexiest qualities are her sense of humor and relationship with God,” says heartthrob Ian Buchanan II, 33, who is a Tennesse-based fitness coach and total southern gentleman. Ladies, are you in love yet?

9 of 20 James C. Lewis for Noire3000 | N3K

Standing tall at 6’4” with abs for days, Atlanta-based model Kenyon Glover is on the rise.

10 of 20 James C. Lewis for Noire3000 | N3K

Rising model and actor Travis Cure gives new meaning to the phrase “hot chocolate.” We can’t take it!

11 of 20 Don Elmore Photography

“God created the closest thing to perfection when He created woman,” says gorgeous model and student, Denzel Wells. If that didn’t just make you fall in love, this photo sure will!

12 of 20 Derek Chase for The Photo Chase

Is it cold enough for hot chocolate yet? We think so! Ladies, meet Philly-based hunk Kevin Moore. The dreamy actor and case manager cooks Moroccan meals, mentors young people and prides himself on knowing how to listen to a woman. Need we say more?

13 of 20 James C. Lewis for Noire3000 | N3K

Meet steamy model Chris Anthony, 35, who originally hails from Detroit.

14 of 20 Romen Cole Photography

Personal trainer and physique competitor Harold Allen has our full attention. He admires an intelligent, fit woman who likes to cuddle. Yup, he said “cuddle!” Instant crush alert!

15 of 20 Don Harris Photographics

“A woman can impress me by showing me she loves God more than she loves me,” says hunky fitness instructor Antonio J. Stephen. (Gush!) Yup, it’s love!

16 of 20 James C. Lewis for Noire3000 | N3K

Did we say hot chocolate? We meant steamin' hot chocolate!

17 of 20 James C. Lewis for Noire3000 | N3K

“I feel that one of a woman’s sexiest qualities is having a close relationship with God,” says university director and model Lee Hammonds Jr. We cosign!

18 of 20 Laura Macrini Photography

Industry insiders call hunky host Kevin Thompson "the Black Ryan Seacrest." Find out why we can't take our eyes of the rising star.

19 of 20 Taz Hall Photography

Ex-marine turned personal trainer Miles Partridge’s sultry stare and chiseled physique will put you in a trance. Plus, the Kansas-based cutie says he’s “honest, straightforward and as loyal as a German Shepherd.” Sounds like our kind of guy!

20 of 20 Foto 119 Photography

Gorgeous model Quincy Braxton hails from Los Angeles but currently resides in Malibu. Hey, cutie!