Multiple Choice Hair

Multiple Choice Hair
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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Have some fun with wisps and flips. How he did it: When cutting, Marvin A. Carrington left the top longer and tapered the sides. The result? A softer look. After wrapping the hair, he used a flat iron to create flips.

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Looking for something a little more understated? This chic pompadour looks great on anyone.
How she did it: Mishon formed a pompadour at the crown of the head by tucking the ends under and securing with pins.

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Lighten up your bob with curls and wisps.
How she did it: Ellin LaVar added soft curls throughout the hair with a curling iron. After combing out the curls, she used Ellin LaVar Textures LiquidGlass on the ends to create shine and definition.

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Twist and sculpt your locks to achieve the ultimate updo.
How she did it: Mishon conditioned the scalp with Naturally Yours Almond Oil. She flat-twisted the hair on both sides toward the center of the head. She then twisted, knotted, wrapped and sculpted the hair together with Naturally Yours Lock Shea Butter to form the curl pattern at the crown.

Helpful hint: For easy manipulation of locks, always make sure hair is damp before styling.

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Add sizzle to long locks with curls and coils.
How she did it: First Mishon set the hair with medium-size rod rollers. Then she released the rods and finger-styled the dried hair. To finish, she smoothed the edges with Naturally Yours Lock Shea Butter.


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