Mother Knows Best: ESSENCE Editors Reveal Favorite Hair Lessons Learned From Their Mothers

“Wash behind your ears,” “eat carrots if you want beautiful eyes!” and “brush your teeth,” are a few choice phrases mothers love to throw around. But whether we like it or not, momma always knows best. This Mother’s Day we’re showing our favorite girl love by highlighting our favorite hair lessons we’ve learned from her. Take notes and share lessons from your mother or grandmother below.

Deena Campbell May, 03, 2014

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“As a child, my mother always told me that my hair is special and that it needs love and tenderness. Keeping that in mind, she never allowed me to comb it too vigorously or apply too much heat; 20 years later I’m still using those lessons.”

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“My mother is quite the minimalist. She likes uncomplicated fashion, beauty and hair. From her I learned how to keep my haircare simple. She taught me to find just the right couple products for my needs and to use them sparingly and routinely.”

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“Growing up my mom had every hair color in the rainbow and every cut imaginable, from long to pixie cut and platinum to black. She taught me to be fearless and not be so stuck to one image of myself or my hair for that matter.”

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“My mother trusted me enough to let me make my own decisions with my hair. She encouraged me to love it as is, kinky. She smiled the one time I relaxed, the many times I locked it, and even when I shaved it off two weeks before my wedding.”

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“My grandmother was the press and curl queen and she would always say, ‘Why use a chemical for what a hot comb or curlers can do?’ I guess she was one of the original leaders of the #teamnatural movement. Ha!”

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“My mother taught me to always keep my hair moisturized because natural hair tends to be dry, and to tie my hair up at night with a satin scarf to keep it from breaking—and to keep it neat in the morning.”

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“My mother taught me the importance of protective styles. She would always makes sure I gave my hair time to rest/breathe from constant styling by getting braids or two-strand twist styles. Between her encouragement and my favorite star at the time (Brandy) braids became my signature look for most of my teenage years.”


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