Morning Beauty Hacks: How To Look Done In Seven Minutes, Tops!

Because makeup shouldn't take precedence over your morning bagel.

Virginia Lowman Nov, 06, 2015

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We hear you, the morning struggle is real. From the blarring alarm and the rush to make breakfast, to waking up the kids or finishing that paper you feel asleep working on last night—curse you, dreaded thesis on The Melancholy of War!— mornings are tough; and they always seem to arrice too soon. These beauty tricks and products will simplify your routine and help you catch a few extra z's or at least enjoy the warmth of your sheets for a few minutes longer. You can thanks us later!

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Your skin gets dry during the night— hence the reason why most night creams are thicker than day creams. To up the ante on the moisture factor, invest in a cool mist humidifier to help replenish your skin while you sleep. The added bonus? You'll breathe better and sleep better, too! 

Stadler Form Oscar Little Cool Mist Humidifier $129, available at

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To make your morning easier, you may need to make some adjustments or add some steps to your night routine. If you wake up in the morning to dry, chapped lips try treating the problem at night. Slather on a balm befor you go to bed so your lips are moist in the morning. You should also drink a full glass of water as soon as you wake up to replenish your fluids.

Glossier Balm Dot Com lip balm $12, available at

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Simplify your morning by saving your 10-step skin care ritual for night time. If you use a cleanser, exfoliator and toner in the evening, your morning routine can be as simple as using an oil cleanser and a moisturizer, or a cleansing wipe. Damone Roberts, whose client list include celebrities like Nicole Ari Parker, created these two step skin care wipes for women on the move. The first AM wipe combines a cleasner with anti-aging, while and the second is both toner and primer for makeup. PM wipes removes makeup, hydrate and fight free radicals.

Your entire skincare ritual in four wipes. Genius— we know!

$39.95 for the full set available at

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Who says night moisturizers can only be used at night?! Use a little after your cleaser for skin that has a youthful, dewy glow. Opt for one with a retinol so your can reap its anti-aging benefits throughout the day.

$112, available at

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Chances are, if you wear foundation, you're opting for heavier coverage than you actually need. Cover the Dark areas instead— under eyes and ares of hyper pigmentation— then put a dollop of moisturizer on your makeup brush and blend. It's makeshift tinted moisturizer that will have you looking dewy and fresh. You'll have gorgous, even skin and full coverage where you need it!

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Lips still a little chapped? Give them a scrub on-the-go, no wipes, skin or water neccesary. Lush Mint Julips Sugar Scrub is completely organic. The sugar works as a genlte exfoliant on lips, and after your scrub you can simply lick you lips clean. We love the Mint-Chocolate flavor.

$9.95, avaiable at

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The easiest way to cut down on time? Decrease your product selection. If you simplify what you use, you'll spend less time fumbling through products. Incorporate a lip and cheek product to give your lips a hint of color and your cheeks a fresh flush.  A few dots on cheeks and a swipe across the lips will have you looking ready for the day in no time!

Vincent Longo Lip & Cheek Gel Stain $24, available at

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Have an early morning meeting, but your nails look a mess? Try spraying on your polish instead. This new Spray-on lacquer for Nails Inc gives you full color coverage in half the time! Apply a top coat and spray the color on your nails for twenty seconds. Wait a few seconds for the substance to dry and wash your hands with soap and warm water to remove the excess. Presto, manicure!

Nails Inc. Nail Paint Can $18, available starting November 12th at Nails Inc

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If you live in a major metropolitan area and ride public transportation, a spray-on mani may not be an option. Not to worry, you can still get stellar nails on-the-go. These flexible nail strips come in a wide variety of solids and prints, and their virtually scent free. In fact, they're so easy to use that you can do your nails on the subway in minutes! No top coat necessary and they last for two weeks!

Incoco Nail Applique $7.99 available at Target 

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Everyone from the beauty novice to the expert can achieve flawless makeup results if the products are easy to use. Opt for makeup in stick form to contour and highlight cheeks. If you're up to it, you can even create a sublte smokey eye using the same two products. 

Tyra Beauty Sculpt In A Stick $25 each, available at

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Finish off your look with the perfect flush. If powder and gel blushes just aren't your thing, opt for a spray instead. Sprays are perfect for women who tend to be a little heavy handed when it comess to color. Hold the nozzel 6 inches from your face and build the color until you're satisfied—no makeup or brush skills necessary.

Luminess Airsupremacy Apricot Blush, $29 available at


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