Mommy Toys

Yes, mothers have toys, too! Here's my fall roundup of the must-have products of the season.

ESSENCE.COM Sep, 03, 2013

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Brighten up your home, office or dorm room with affordable prints from The prints can be on pillows, stationary, and even iPhone covers. Here's my personal favorite that will definitely be on my wishlist.

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Get your Instagram photos off your phone and printed easily with the CanvasPop app. Bonus: They already look good because you've filtered them. CanvasPop works with Instagram and Facebook taking your prints and putting them into awesome collages then printing them on stretch canvas. I just did made one of my kids and it looks amazing!

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Travel much? When I'm traveling for work I'll be propping my iPhone up to watch a movie or FaceTiming my kids with this cool iCushion.

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The  Mosaic app is FREE and creates beautiful hardcover books for just $20. It's great for documenting family vacations, your kid's artwork, birthday parties, home or office renovations and so on. You can complete the entire task in about 15 minutes from your phone by simply connecting Mosaic to your photo album.

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Parents and kids can create flash cards to practice the class curriculum like math functions and vocabulary words. Bonus: you don't have to worry about random flashcards and excess paper all over the house!

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The kids are always fighting over each other's books but this year I'm getting these initial pads from so everyone can easily find their own. 

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Get cool mom points with a college-bound care package that includes these Monster NTune Candy Colored Headphones. These glossy fashion-forward headphones tune out the roomate and five friends that popped over right before study time.