Mommy Den: 5 Ways to Handle Parenting Stress Fast

In an ideal world, we all want to be parent that reacts to our children in a calm, cool, collected way even when they stress us out. After all, research has shown that harsh parenting can hurts kids, leading to problems with learning and even increasing the likelihood that they will suffer from depression, anxiety or low self-esteem. That said, reacting to the misdeeds of children in a calm way isn’t always easy. So what do you do in that moment when it feels like you’re about to explode?

Notoya Green Mar, 31, 2015

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You’ve probably heard the old saying that  “prevention is better than cure.” So try and troubleshoot the situations that will spike your stress levels in the first place.  I’m a mom of 4-year-old triplets and getting out the door on time is a challenge for us. So I try and avoid the anxiety (and anger) by giving ourselves an extra hour to get ready. 

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This may take some practice but taking a few seconds to think before reacting to your child’s behavior will keep you from doing something you’ll regret. Like being physical with your child or saying something that hurts your child’s feelings. Taking a few minutes to be mindful about your approach may also help you to think of a more creative solution.

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As busy moms, we often forget this one but if you’re out of patience, hunger may be the cause. There’s even a term for it: hangry (when being hungry makes you angry!) So if you’re a mom on the go, be sure and carry snacks with you like energy bars, nuts, or apples. It will instantly level your mood and better your perspective.

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Stop your emotions from getting out of control by leaving the room for a minute or two to do something other stay in anger. Like check messages, listen to music or simply just breathe.

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Reach out to someone that will help you to keep your anger in check.   Share your frustration, get some perspective and maybe even a good laugh.