The Mom-Over: Quick-Fix Beauty

Our favorite products for moms give high beauty payoff quick, fast and in a hurry.

ESSENCE.COM May, 05, 2014

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Add this subtly shimmering liquid to foundation or use it on its own. This highlighter ($30) is a quick tool to easily up skin's radiance factor. Due to its ease of use and the fast factor, we say it should be a mom favorite.

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This classic black mascara opens and brightens eyes with a few simple swipes ($7, mass retailers). A great quick mini-makeover tool for moms.

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The right lipstick can perk up mom's complexion—and her mood. Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencils are mositurizing, long-lasting and easy to apply. Share this with a mom in your life for an instant pick-me-up.

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Defined brows take just a little effort but go the distance in pulling together your look. Use the two shades of powder in this kit to fill in your brows and tweeze errant hairs with the the included mini-pluckers.

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It only takes a couple drops of this skin-correcting foundation to buff away discoloration and even out skin tone. Perfect for busy moms, this all-in-one foundation has skin care benefits, and delivers instant polish.

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This multi-purpose chubby works on lips, too, but is best as a cream blush. Dab it on cheeks and  blend in with a sponge for a immediate healthy glow.

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A bright, candy-colored nail color (like this sherbet Julep shade), is an instant mood booster. And bright lacquerhas the added benefit of making brown skin look sun-kissed and glowy.

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Lack of sleep comes often comes with mom territory. One of the best concealers around, this Benefit wonder-product instantly brightens up the face when applied to undereye darkness. The peachy tone is perfect for lots of brown skin tones. Caveat: This concealer only comes in three shades, and the darkest isn't quite dark enough for truly deep skintones. But the formula is so amazing, we had to mention it for light to medium tones. For a great option for dark skin, click on!

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Cover tiny imperfections quickly with this concealer pen. Available is a wide variety of shades, this product works well for all of our skin tones.

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Eye cream is certainly more of a long-term play, but the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado ($20.50) ultra-rich, creamy formula does seem to have to quick fix benefits too. Gently tapping it below the eyes gives the area a fine-line blurring radiance, plus the moisture is a refreshing boost to that super delicate skin.


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