Modern Day Matchmaker: 13 Relationship Blogs I Love

Modern Day Matchmaker: 13 Relationship Blogs I Love
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 25, 2012

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Anslem Samuels (the creator of the blog) is the rock star of relationship bloggers. He is extremely gifted in identifying the topics we want to talk about but rarely do. I’ve never seen a blog post from him disappoint.

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Helena Andrews is one of my favorite writers. Her pieces make me laugh, think, and most importantly, act. I met Helena a few years ago when I hosted my Modern Day Matchmaker web series. To this day, my interview with her stands as the most fun I had of the series.

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This was the very first blog I read on a regular basis. It was highly influential for me when I decided to become a matchmaker. The line up of writers has changed over the years and the team now is sharper than ever. Led by two guys I have ridiculous respect for (Slim Jackson and Sean Blackman), SBM is a must read.

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Laurie Davis, the founder, really knows the art (and science) of online communication. To prove how good she is at it, she met her fiancée via twitter (who just happens to be my boy Thomas Edwards aka The Professional Wingman). With over 50% of all singles using online dating and social media sites, if you’re single, you need a little eFlirt Expert in your life!

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A breath of fresh air! That’s the best way to describe this blog. Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, the founders, have put together a stellar team of writers that always deliver topics that leave you with hope and inspiration.

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Dan Savage is the man…period. Always willing to challenge conventional thought. Never have I seen him back away from a controversial subject. Bonus for the android users, he has an app!

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This site is like the readers digest of relationships. What I love is the depth as well as the breadth of relationship topics they publish daily. If you can only visit one site to get a pulse on what’s happening on relationships around the web, this is it.

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The “brothas” behind this blog (The Champ & Panama Jackson) are like Martin and Malcolm to me. Not because I think they’re polar opposites but because I truly believe they are two of the most influential bloggers on the planet. VSB are your favorite bloggers favorite bloggers.

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This is a must read to understand the mind of the single man. The blogger behind this effort, Jozen Cummings, has got to be the coolest brotha I have met. On top of that he can write…and ladies, he is single.

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This blog is for you if you like your shots with no chaser. I can’t say I’m 100 percent in agreement with everything I read from Obsidian, but one thing is for sure, he always makes me think and that is powerful.

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So I try to read every blog on this list, weekly. However, if time is tight for me and I only have a few minutes and I’m forced to pick one, this is it. Susan Walsh, the founder, approaches relationships in a very deliberate and strategic way. Her posts are always insightful and applicable to both women and men.

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This is more of a business take on the relationships space (in particular, online dating). What I like most is that the founder David Evans writes from a personal point of view. He makes reading what could easily be stale industry news, exciting. Check it out if you want insight on the industry of love.

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Evan was a presenter at the first dating industry conference I attended. I was mesmerized by the eloquence of his delivery and when he directed me to his blog, I was blown away. Evan is without question one of the best dating coaches ever…yup, I said it…ever!

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