Modern Day Matchmaker: 10 Things He Should Do to Make You Happy

Before you give him your heart, be sure he’s giving you happiness.

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The day before my wedding, my uncle summoned me to the lobby of our hotel. When I met him, a normally jovial man sat very seriously sipping coffee. He told me to sit and said he had something very important to share. He continued, "I've been happily married for 12 years and I want to tell you the secret to our success. If mamma is happy, everyone is happy. It's that simple, Paul."

I had heard this statement before, but normally in jest, not from someone I knew with a relationship I respected... someone who was serious. Now, 10 years into my own marriage, I can fully endorse this simple yet profound advice.

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The following 10 items are things I learned first hand to keep mamma happy (and therefore, keep everyone happy).

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Knowing your guy listens when you’re sharing your thoughts helps to strengthen your bond.

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If you don’t receive love in your language, you may never get the message of how much you’re truly loved.

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This is something I consider to be one of the most romantic gestures one can make. Deciphering his penmanship may be a separate issue!

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Ambition is sexy and it can be conveyed in many ways, but surely the best way to demonstrate this trait is by showing initiative.

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We all have Exes and nobody wants that comparison or ones to fictional characters. So, fellas, please no Claire Huxtable comp grids!

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We can’t like everyone, but he should be able to enjoy an evening out with your crew without fleeing the scene.

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Staying healthy for his own good is important, but when he is hitting the gym to look better when you rip his shirt off, that should put a Kool-Aid smile on your face.

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You know exactly how important you are to someone based on the respect they show for your time.

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I’ve found there are two distinct and passionate camps on this; either for or against public displays of affection. Whichever side you’re on, he should be there, too.

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I often say it’s easier to find someone to love than someone to fully trust. Nothing will make you happier than respecting your trust.