One of the most notable details about Fall 2010 New York Fashion Week was the "who is THAT?!" buzz surrounding catwalk newcomer, Chrishell Stubbs. The 18-year-old Turks and Caicos native seemingly hit the big time overnight! She went from being discovered at the Pig & Whistle on Hollywood Blvd. to walking in all the most coveted shows during her first Fashion Week. It's not hard to understand the appeal--at 5'11" tall, with waist-length corkscrew curls, mile-long limbs, and huge, lime-green eyes, Stubbs looks like the impossibly stunning love child of Naomi Campbell and Noemi Lenoir. From Ralph Lauren (left) to Vera Wang, we take a look at some of her hottest runway moments of the Fall 2010 season.

Apr, 19, 2010

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