Miss Alaska 1984 photos

miss alaska 1984 photos
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 19, 2008

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Maryline Blackburn started competing in pageants in high school as a way to offset the cost of college.

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Blackburn was crowned Miss South Central before she won Miss Alaska.

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Blackburn beat Sarah Louise Heath (now Palin) to become the first Black Miss Alaska in 1984. She went on to represent her state at the Miss America pageant.

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Blackburn and her historic win in 1984 as Miss Alaska (left) and again celebrating with her parents.

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Blackburn at the center of it all as Miss Alaska.

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Blackburn chose this stunning ensemble for the evening-gown competition.

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Blackburn has performed and sung backup for several well-known artists including Peabo Bryson.

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Strong Alaskan roots led to Blackburn’s first solo album having a major country and western vibe.

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Here she is singing the national anthem in front of thousands.

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Blackburn’s fourth CD, “The M Line Project,” is due out in February next year.

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While Blackburn is excited about Palin’s nomination, she won’t be voting for her in November. “I don’t feel as though she’s ready,” she says.


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