Miracle Workers: Summer Brights

Miracle Workers: Summer Brights
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 18, 2011

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This palette comes with nine neon hues, including matte blue, purple and green; and pearly brown, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white ($64, sephora.com).

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This a oceany-bright, all-eyes-on-me nail shade dazzles on all brown skin toes ($3.99, drugstore.com).

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These colorful lip tint crayons are infused with peppermint and jojoba oil for a natural, hint-of-a-tint flush that lasts for days ($24, tartecosemtics.com).

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This ultra-bright, dual-ended wand comes with a nourishing lipstain on one end, an a moisturizing lip balm on the other ($9, ulta.com).

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These waterproof, smudge-proof, and fade-proof eyeliners double as a eyeshadow — and give eyes an irresistibly dynamic shock of color ($18, sephora.com).

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This waterproof gel/cream liner (left, in Primary Yellow; right, in Process Magenta) gives lids a pop of vivid, electric liquid liner.

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Limited edition for summer 2011, this oh-so-verstile palette comes with five deliciously electric shades (including a pop art blue) and a liner ($48, lancome-usa.com).

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This uber-blendable cream looks shockingly bright in the compact, but it goes on sheer for a fresh, radiant finish ($8, amazon.com).

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This juicy-bright, utterly gorgeous gloss comes in 31 hues — collect them all ($20, esteelauder.com)!

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This deep, matte coral-red goes on velvety-smooth and stays seductively vivid for hours — no smudging, no smearing ($24, maccosmetics.com).

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This highly pigmented eye shadow duo comes with both black and banana-yellow shades, both of which are as vivid as they look in the packaging ($4.95, amazon.com).

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These smooth, creamy, ultra-colorful liners go on so smooth and painstakingly precise, everyone will think they’re liquid ($6.74, target.com)!

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This bright neon tangerine hue is a must-have for summertime pedicures ($4.94, amazon.com).