Mile-High Skin Care Must-Haves

Sheet masks and 9 other products to save your skin from that super drying plane air.

Virginia Lowman Apr, 20, 2016

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Hate that chapped, dry feeling that you have when you get off of a plane? These in-flight skin savers will change the way you look after a flight. Just two minutes, and these beauty goodies can hydrate your skin and transform your entire look. 

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Another Korean beauty brand, Too Cool For School is always introducing new products that are increasingly more innovative than the last. This egg cream mask is great for brightening and nourishing the skin, especially after you've spent the last hour (or more) using your jean jacket as a pillow. The use of egg whites and yolks is also great for girls with oily skin, as eggs tighten pores to reduce sebum (oil) secretion.

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Perfect for air travel, these MIYU Facial Essence mini's are 1.0z and fit perfectly into your beauty bag. Part-serum, part-mist, a quick spritz revives dull skin and delivers a quick boost of hydration and calming peppermint; no clean-up necessary.

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One of the earliest ingredients to be used in beauty treatments during ancient times, rose is hydrating, soothing and chock-full of nourishing properties that treat everything from acne to inflammation. Irritated skin is only exacerbated by dry plane air; this rose sheet mask is great for calming the skin and restoring moisture during your travels.

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Get your best sleep ever with this silk sleeping mask and wake up with plump, well-rested skin.

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Sensitive skin always suffers during a flight. That burning, itching and chapped look and feel of the skin can be irritating and really uncomfortable to deal with. This soothing coconut sheet mask delivers all of the benefits of coconut oil (anti-bacterial, hydrating and calming) without the mess. So that inflamed, red skin you've become accustomed to traveling with can become a thing of the past.

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Facial mists are a must to carry in your purse during everyday life, but they become particularly important during a flight. For a quick refresher throughout you flight, mist your skin with a hydrating essence. This option from SK-II is great for renewing tired skin and fighting free-radicals. We recommend pouring some into a TSA-friendly spray bottle that's small enough to fit in your cosmetic bag.

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Korea has taken the skin care industry to new heights with their innovative products. A cult-favorite, sheet masks have become a staple in every skin junkie's beauty routine. These sheet masks from L'Herboflore pack in the hydration and leave your skin glowing. Perfect for those long distance flights that leave your skin feeling tight and dry. Apply it 20 minutes before you land and massage the excess into your skin.

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Cucumbers don't carry well on flights, so these soothing eye gels are a great alternative for de-puffing tired eyes and giving the illusion of being well rested.

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A hydrating balm is always good to carry in your bag, whether you use to soothe dry lips or hydrate chapped hands and skin. This option for Lizora is all natural and incorporates 11 natural ingredients that have been used in Himalayan beauty practices for over 2000 years. And, it's a multi-purpose item: you can use it as a balm, a makeup remover, an exfoliator and even a cleanser. Your travel beauty bag just got a whole lot lighter.

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