Mighty Men: Our Hair Bloggers Ask Their Men Tough Hair Questions

Ever wonder what goes through the minds of the men of our hair bloggers? Here, our ladies ask their beaus what they think about the natural hair movement.

ESSENCE.COM Sep, 18, 2014

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Jessica: How do you feel about the natural hair community?

Jovahn: I believe that it is beautiful and women are embracing their true beauty. I believe that relaxed hair is very popular and oversaturated. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything wrong with relaxed hair but I feel natural hair allows women to have versatility.

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Jessica: How did you feel about my big chop?

Jovahn: Well, I cut your hair. At first it was a little scary because I couldn't see the end result immediately (you with short hair). I felt that there was a sense of relief from you when it was complete. When you started to embrace your hair and became more confident I noticed that you was very happy and that made me happy.

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Jessica: Have you learned any natural hair lessons from being my hubby?

Jovahn: Yes, I have learned many lessons. I learned how important communication is with women and their hair. It is great to see how close the natural hair community is. It is very unique and inspiring. I have also learned how important it is to be patient during the learning process and the rewards are limitless. 

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Jessica: Have people noticed you in public as my husband?

Jovahn: YES! It is very weird and cool. One time I was on TDY (temporary duty: Military) in a remote location. I was in uniform having lunch and someone approached me explaining that they recognized me as MahoganyCurls’ husband.

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Jessica: Do you think natural hair is a trend?

Jovahn: I feel that this isn’t the first natural hair movement. I do feel there is a balance between being natural and stylish. I think the strong natural hair community and technology allows this movement to spread further. I do feel it will have more staying power because of this. 

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Valerie: What lessons have you learned about healthy hair?

Steve: I must say before I met you, my life was pretty simple: wash my hair daily, put my hair grease in, brush and go - not a care in the world. Now I can't even pick up a product without reading the ingredients. I’ve learned to avoid sulfates in cleansing products as they can cause scalp irritation, pronounced hair loss, dryness, etc. I’ve learned the benefits of moisturizing our hair daily with a water-based moisturizer, not hair grease. I now know that oil is not a moisturizer and petroleum is no good for our hair. I was taught the meaning of co-washing and the technique. At first, the transition from shampoo to conditioner was weird, but co-washing gives me the best waves ever! 

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Valerie: Have you incorporated some techniques, products and methods into a regimen of your own?

Steve: Yes, I co-wash twice per week and shampoo once a week. I moisturize daily with castor oil hair food while my hair is damp or I use water mixed with glycerin, then seal with coconut oil.

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Valerie: What is your opinion of sleeping with a scarf or bonnet at night? 

Steve: I am not a fan of the bonnet, it adds 10 years to any woman wearing it. Plus, you take it a step further and wear a plastic bag under the bonnet to lock in moisture. I hear every move you make at night.

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ValerieWhat are some of the things you like and dislike about my hair journey over the years? 

Steve: I like the fact that you always have hair products, which means I always have hair products too. Your shampoos, moisturizers, conditioners etc. are all at my disposal. I can't remember the last time I bought anything hair related because there’s always a full stock in the washroom. I like the fact that you pass it on to help others with their setbacks and personal hair journeys. My biggest complaint is that your hair journey can be time consuming especially on wash and relaxer days. I dislike the long wait times while you shop at the hair store. Your idea of “hold on a sec I’ll only be 5 minutes” really means a 30 minutes -1 hour wait! It get’s me every time!

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Valerie: What do you think about the relaxed and natural hair movement? 

Steve: Relaxed or natural hair is fine by me, but I would prefer relaxed hair just because it looks more versatile and overall less time consuming. Everyone is entitled to their own preference and what works best for their lifestyle. I’m all for women embracing their real hair and making it healthier.

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Chime: Have you learned anything new since I've become a vlogger?

John: I didn't realize how difficult it was for many women to transition from permed to natural hair. I didn't think of it as being a big mental change (transition) as well. I now know some women need support to maintain the same level of self-esteem that they had prior to transitioning as well as help embracing their natural hair texture. 

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Chime: What do you think about my career as blogger/vlogger?

John: I think it's cool how you're able to connect with people. You're able to inspire women around the world. Traveling is also a great incentive. Not just for obvious reasons, but it’s amazing to see you meet the people you inspire which further inspires you.

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Chime: What do you think of the natural hair movement?

John: I love the fact that people are embracing their natural hair. I believe people should live in their natural state so the world can be represented in the way God intended it to be-beautifully diverse and authentic.

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Chime: What advice would you give to women who are transitioning and want to embrace their natural hair? 

John: Love your naps. You’re beautiful however you choose to be. You should never feel less than that. You should always feel perfect in your skin. God made you perfect. 


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