Michelle Williams Unplugged

Michelle Williams Unplugged
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 07, 2008

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“It’s good when an artist can do different things. Shoot, I might come back and sing some bluegrass music,” said the singer. “I like to take musical risks. Yes, they wanted me to do another gospel album that probably would have been safe, but Michelle loves all music and I followed my heart.”

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“Unfortunately, a lot of people have tunnel vision and want to lock you into one thing. Of course I knew my position,” said Michelle about her role in Destiny’s Child." Everybody has a role. Whether you’re working in an office or in a band, everyone has a role to fulfill. What I will say is I was confident and ready."

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“Honestly, I’m just a lover of music. I didn’t want to be pigeonholed into one genre.”

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“Yes, I was a part of a group, but I’m not Beyoncé and she ain’t me. I’ll never be her. Just like Kelly will never be me nor will I ever be Kelly. When people say what I’m not, I don’t mind telling them that I like being Michelle.”

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“I got to know [Beyoncé and Kelly] on a personal level,” said Michelle.

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“It’s a beautiful thing, and every woman should follow her heart. What makes you happy and what’s healthy for you can’t ever be a bad thing,” said Michelle, who once dated an Italian guy as a tween. "An interracial relationship can expose you to so many things that you might not otherwise experience. "

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“As an artist, I truly believe that if you do what you want and love, eventually people will follow.”


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