Michelle Obama's People, Places and Things It List

Michelle Obama's People, Places and Things It List
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 02, 2009

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As Barack Obama prepares to celebrate his first anniversary of being elected President of the United States of America, we take a look back at the 21 people, places and things that keep our First Lady smiling since she officially moved to the District.

Like most women, she has layers. From her love of “The Brady Bunch” to her appreciation of Sojourner Truth, this mom-in-chief knows how to keep us guessing. Keep clicking for the results of our exciting roundup.

By: Bridgette Bartlett

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The First Lady has been pretty vocal about her admiration for living legend Stevie Wonder. In fact, during a recent Jay Leno appearance, the First Lady revealed that Wonder is her “musical hero.”

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Sure she’s all about eating healthy and working out whenever possible but the First Lady admittedly enjoys a juicy burger with a side of fries every now and again. The Good Stuff Eatery in Washington, D.C., even named a burger after Mrs. Obama called the “Michelle Melt.”

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We first learned of Mrs. Obama’s Hula-hooping skills while her hubby was still on the campaign trail last year. Most recently, the First Lady got her Hula-hoop on during a fitness-related event for children on the White House Lawn.

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Both women represent two of Chi-Town’s finest. Most recently they championed together for Chicago to be home of the 2016 Olympics. While their plea was denied, this dynamic duo is still a winning pair.

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Be it an Alvin Ailey performance, as the First Couple were enjoying in this picture, or a Broadway play like “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone,” Mrs. Obama seems to thoroughly enjoy taking in a good show and theatrical arts.

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Mrs. O was praised and prosecuted earlier this year for exposing her toned arms regardless of the season. The First Lady appreciates fashion and function and seemingly doesn’t like to be regularly restricted by sleeves or hosiery.

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Military families hold a very soft spot in the heart of Lady O. She has spoken to the loved ones of those serving in various branches of the armed forces and has not only tried to encourage them and the brave individuals who serve our country every day but also pushed U.S. citizens at home to support as well.

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Mrs. Obama, President Obama and the First Daughters were given a tour of the historic Cape Coast Castle in Cape Coast, Ghana last summer. This castle played a significant role during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade as it represented the last African soil many touched before being shipped to America, the Caribbean or Europe.

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Mrs. Obama stands 5’11" tall, so she certainly doesn’t need heels for height. And we strongly think the President would say she doesn’t need them for sex appeal either. Mrs. O loves her ballet flats. Other accessories the First Lady can’t seem to do without are belts and brooches.

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Mrs. Obama is a native of the South Side of Chicago and hasn’t forgotten her humble roots. It is clear to most that her quick wit and easy ability to adapt was strengthened during her formative years growing up in the Windy City.

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It is an absolute no-brainer that the First Lady adores the President, Malia, Sasha and her mother Mrs. Robinson. But during her emotional DNC speech in Denver last year, it also became apparent that she’s extremely close to her big brother Craig. Both skipped the second grade and later attended Princeton for undergrad, and Craig even walked his baby sis down the aisle at her wedding in lieu of their deceased father.

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Who says Black women don’t work out? As she continues to defy stereotypes, Mrs. Obama encourages more sisters to make time for exercise (without over-stressing about our hair) and staying fit. She recently reminded us that some good old fashioned double dutch can do the trick to get in cardio, even if we can’t make it to the gym.

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As a child growing up in middle-America during the 1970’s, Mrs. Obama enjoyed watching the Bradys on the small screen. She let us in on her expert knowledge of the popular sitcom while chatting with late-night king Jay Leno last month when she effortlessly recited the names of all six Brady children.

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The Obamas vacationed (again) in the Vineyard last August and we suspect they’ll return. We’re sure the First Lady enjoys the calm and laid-back atmosphere at this New England retreat.

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Last summer, D.C.’s Washingtonian mag dished on one of the First Lady’s favorite scents from posh fragrance maker Creed. The manager of fragrance and cosmetics for the Nordstrom in Pentagon City (a suburb of the District) revealed that Mrs. O favors Love in White. The top note of this sophisticated scent is orange zest from southern Spain.

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Since moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Mrs. Obama has invited more locals to her South Lawn garden than we can count. The First Lady is a huge proponent of organic herbs, veggies and locally grown produce.

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An unlikely pair? Perhaps. All we know is while everyone else was huffing and puffing about Mrs. Obama wearing a sweater for their historic meeting, the First Lady of the U.S. and the First Lady of the U.K. were bonding. Reportedly, the two have become pen pals since the First Couple’s visit to Buckingham Palace last spring.

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Spoken word. Jazz. Latin rhythms. Country music. They have all been performed live at the White House since Mrs. Obama became First Lady. Next up? Classical tunes…

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This all-American approachable luxe retailer has certainly kept the First Lady’s style quotient up for the past year. Mrs. Obama tends to favor their cardigans and pencil skirts as she wore in Europe (see left) earlier this year.

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In April 2009, there was a historic unveiling of the Sojourner Truth bust in the Capitol Building. Mrs. Obama was joined by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Sojourner Truth is the first Black woman to receive such an honor and the actual bust was also designed by Black female artist Artis Lane.

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Whether she’s hugging New York City public school kids or taking time to visit youth in Southeast D.C., there is no doubt that Mrs. Obama loves the kids. And they seem to love her, too.