Michelle Obama's Fitness Chic

Michelle Obama's Fitness Chic
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 26, 2011

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Mrs. O is never scared to bust a move and here she dances with elementary school children in Mexico City. Mrs. O gets physical in one of her favorite combos: a graphic print dress and bold, colored flats.

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Michelle O. busts a move or two with Olympic Gymnast Dominique Daws and military families. For this occassion, she chose a print top by Duro Olowu and stretch, comfy black pants.

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Add traditional Indian Dance to the list of things Mrs. O knows how to do to stay fit. The knee length sheath, cardigan and matching flats may not be the most comfy ensemble for these moves, but our First Lady makes it work.

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Here, Mrs. O jogs in place with local students on the South Lawn of the White House. We love her pairing of casual chic cardigan and slacks with Converse classics.

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A side view of Mrs. O’s ensemble shows functional elements of her chic look, like split vents on her trousers to make for easy movement and light sheer layers of her blouse for ventilation.

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Mrs. O picks up gallons of water to enhance her jog routine. She also picked up a print scarf to enhance to her chic ensemble.

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Mrs. O suits up in a purple tank, sweater and black work out pants for this indoor jog. Her puma sneakers elevate the look.

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Mrs. O, with daughter Sasha, put safety before fashion while biking in Martha’s Vineyard. Mrs. O pairs a gray tank and khaki shorts with her favorite Converse-style sneakers.

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Mrs. O gets a cardio work out with jumping rope. We love the sight of it as much as we do her crisp white trousers paired with a pink blouse and a white belt. Note her amazing metallic flats which complete her look.

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You didn’t know the First Lady could double dutch, did you? Nor did you know she could do it in style! We love this shot of Mrs. O in mid jump sporting a blouse, cardigan, slacks and her favorite flats.

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The First Lady can add volunteering to the list of effective -and enjoyable – routines that keep her fit. Here, she is show wearing a lovely yellow cardigan, slacks and nude flats to help ‘kaBOOM’ help build a playground for D.C. children.

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Mrs. O focuses on deep breathing and meditation. Her lovely print top and yellow skirt are just as in harmony as her spirit must me in this shot.

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An up-close shot highlights Mrs. O’s sunglasses and belt.

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On international visits, Mrs. O always makes times to explore the local scenery as she did here in South Africa. For this day, she selected a monochrome look which was punctuated by a fringed Prova scarf.

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Mrs. O kicks back and hangs out with children during the Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play with Lebron James. We love the laid back flare leg sweats and monochrome tank and track jacket.

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We love the joy captured in this photo of Mrs. O during a game of ping pong for the Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play.

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In her trusty black sweats and Puma sneakers, Mrs. O kicks back and hangs out with young kids during her ’Let’s Move’ campaign.

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Mrs. O doesn’t just play the game – she watches it to! Here, Mrs. O suits up in a World Series jacket and Lanvin sneakers as she and Dr. Jill Biden walk Yogi Berra on the field at the World Series.

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Mrs. O doesn’t just watch the game, she participates in it as she does here in a game with Brock Elementary School students in New Orleans. Mrs. O keeps things black and basic and tops it off with her favorite Puma sneakers.

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Mrs. O doesn’t just wear great makeup clothes, she wears passion as well! See how involved the First Lady looks as she battles the boys in a game of football!

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Mrs. O, and Bishop Desmond Tutu, get prepped to play during the First Lady’s visit to South Africa. Mrs. O is decked out in her classic ensemble: a print knit top by Duro Olowu, trousers and bold colored flats.

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Mrs. O is in rare form as she kicks a ball during a stop on her Lets Move tour.

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Mrs. O, along with her husband President Barack Obama, get ready for a casual walk with First Dog,Bo . We love the contrast between her powder blue denim and the cook khaki jacket.

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Mrs. O shows us how it’s done as she swivels and swirls in a hula hoop. She shows that burning a few calories can be done in style and comfort as she opts for a belted cardigan and blouse set.

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Here, Mrs. O switches things up by laying hula hoops on the floor and hopping through them for cardio! The easy breathable fabrics she is wearing keeps the work out fun and comfortable.

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Mrs. O lets loose as she takes off her flats (note the beautiful yellow shoes in the corner) and plays hopscotch with kids during her visit to Asia.