Michelle Obama's #Fashionedu Event

Hot shots from the FLOTUS' Celebration of Design event, bringing together fashion insiders with aspiring fashion students.

Lauren Turner Oct, 08, 2014

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Designer Azede Jean-Pierre started her day with a sunny shot before she started her day at the White House. 

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A peak at the personalized invite to Rachel Roy sealed with the White House stamp of approval.

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The fashion and style director of magazine made sure to get an artistic selfie in before meeting with his group of students. 

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Tracy Reese (in a fab frock of her own) and Edward Wilkinson posed for picture before taking their seats on the #fashionedu panel.

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A student-snagged this close-up of the First Lady addressing all of the fab fashion folks.

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Designer of the moment, Charles Harbison rounded-up students from his alma mater, North Carolina State. Sweet!

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W mag’s Edward Enninful gathered these media moguls in-the-making for a Journalism Workshop.

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The boys show draping knows no gender as they take on this gown with gusto!

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This young fashion designer put the finishing touches on a gorgeous gray gown. 

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Students came together, with a few mentors, to make another memory from their trip to the White House. 

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Anna Wintour made sure to take a picture with her group of students. 

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After getting a chance to learn from one of the best, these students took a picture with their new mentor, Zac Posen.

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Phillip Lim equipped his students with all of the materials they need to make sparks fly: fresh fruit, colorful vases and as many notebooks, colored pencils and pens that they could ever need. 

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Jason Wu wooed this future fashion designer with his inspirational story, giving her just the push that she needs to make something beautiful. 

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The First Lady got a first hand look at some of the inspiration boards from one of her favorite designers: Zero+Maria Cornejo. We wonder if she'll be wearing anything from this season's runway.

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This young woman came to the White House, dressed to impress. The hair and the shoes are fashion-approved!

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It looks like this future fashion designer has a new friend in the one and only Diane Von Furstenberg.

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We're pretty sure this is everyone's favorite selfie from the whole event--Anna Wintour included.