The Men of Brooklyn's Finest

The Men of Brooklyn's Finest
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 04, 2010

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Antoine is a Gemini, meaning he likes to experiment. Ever curious, expect this Gemini man to keep looking for new ways to get pleasure.

His frisky friends: An adaptable Aquarius; An unpredictable Scorpio; A stimulating Aries

We’re forever his fan: For his direction of “Training Day” which won the Oscar for Best Actor.

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Tobias is an affectionate, open-minded Libra. Expect him to want to bring his partner’s sexual fantasies to life. And he’ll expect that his partner do the same.

His fellow freaks: A curious Gemini; A ravenous Leo; A tender Aquarius

He got his break as: the mysterious Vincent on ABC’s “One Life to Live.”

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Wesley’s a confident and dominant Leo. That means he likes to take charge in the bedroom. Leos are perfectionists in the sack so Snipes is likely to go the distance to make sure his lover is having as good a time as he is.

His horizontal soulmates: A passionate Libra; An aggressive Aries; A seductive Sagittarius

We found him sexy when: He strolled across our screens shirtless as a blood-sucking, crime fighting vampire in “Blade.”

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A flirty Sagittarius, Michael most likely enjoys teasing his mate. Sagittarius men like to get pleasure and their high libido almost always ensures that their partners receive pleasure too.

His bedroom pals: A patient Aquarius; A powerful Leo; An experimental Aries

We loved him as: Omar, the stick-up man with a conscience on “The Wire”

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Nicoye is a super passionate Capricorn. Expect him to make love long, hard and rapturously. A patient lover, this Capricorn can stand a little teasing in the sheets.

His sexy sweethearts are: A romantic Pisces, the teasing Taurus, an enduring Scorpio

Why we love him: He’s the rookie on ’Brooklyn’s Finest’s’ all-star team.

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Isiah is a loving Libra. Bringing a free-spirited approach to the bedroom, Libras are into long love-making sessions full of exploration and discovery.

His bedtime buddies: An exploratory Gemini; A commanding Leo; A passionate Aquarius

He got our attention as: The shifty cop in “25th Hour” whose signature pronunciation of a certain expletive made us laugh out loud

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Like Wesley Snipes, Jesse is an assertive Leo, so expect him to lead the way when the lights go out. Leos have a strong desire to be accepted sexually by their lovers. Show him that he’s all that and he’ll make sure to bring the bag of chips.

His coital comrades: An affectionate Libra; An adventurous Aries; A sultry Sagittarius

Why we love him: He’s giving McDreamy a run for his money as Leo on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

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Don is a strong Sagittarius. With a knack for fantasies, Sagittarius men are never without new ideas for lovemaking. Dominant in the sack, he’ll most likely want to lead the role play.

His sexy allies: A gracious Libra; An liberal Aires; An enticing Sagittarius

Why he’s a star offstage: He won a Summit Peace Award for his efforts to stop the genocide in Darfur.

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Hassan’s a spontaneous Scorpio. These exotic lovers have a forceful side, so expect him to push up on you. Push back, he’ll like it.

His passion partners: An erotic Pisces; An imaginative Cancer; A submissive Virgo

We fell for him: When Mya followed him around in her music video for “Fallen.”

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