Meet A Few of Our ESSENCE Festival Day of Service Volunteers

Volunteers who turned out for the ESSENCE Festival Day of Service were ready to bring the love and share it with the community.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 03, 2015

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"We are roommates. I saw this as a day of service and it's a collective feeling. I really believe in collective harmony and i think going somewhere else and really getting to know the people is important and the best way to do that is through service.” - Zenzele Johnson & Brittany Bellinger

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Future community garden at KIPP New Orleans Schools in Central City.

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Our Editor-In-Chief Vanessa K. DeLuca laying the ground work at KIPP Central City.

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First tree being planted at KIPP New Orleans Schools in Central City!

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"This means a lot more to me than just painting a wall. It is literally getting in there with the community and we are happy to help at any time for any reason. It's such a feeling of love, a feeling of community, a feeling of family." - Rosalyn Harris

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Fresh paint for Harmony Oaks halls!

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"It's amazing the resiliency of the New Orleanian people that I've come to know and love and have embraced me and all my craziness. I feel completely accepted here." - Diana Turner


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