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ESSENCE.COM Aug, 28, 2008

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Harry (Fox) and Brenda (Bassett) enter the house left to her by her late father.

“Brenda’s had a lot of disappointments from previous relationships and isn’t in a trusting place,” Fox explains. “I’m the man who recognizes that she has been hurt but is still capable of loving because I’ve also experienced the weight of heartbreak. But I refuse to remain passive in love and simply go for mine.”

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“I was writing the role and trying to come up with the right person who could also play basketball,” says Tyler Perry of the search for a leading man for his latest stage-play-to-screen adaptation, Meet the Browns. “A few days later I almost hit Rick with my car while driving in Los Angeles, and then I realized he was ‘the guy.’ ”

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Harry spends time with Brenda and her three children – and has a special surprise for them.

“Working with an actor of Angela’s caliber is truly a blessing. She was so giving as a costar, sharing her wisdom, support and guidance,” says Fox.

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The entire Brown clan, in their Sunday best.

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Vera (Jennifer Lewis) can barely contain her grief at her father’s funeral, and leans on her son Will (Lamman Rucker) for support.

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LeRoy Brown (David Mann) spends some quality time with his nephew Will (Lamman Rucker).


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