Matchmaking Duo: 10 Smart Habits Of Happy Couples

Want to boost the happiness quotient in your relationship? Try one of these matchmaker-approved ways.

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If your partner is looking great, make sure you greet your mate with a kiss and say exactly what you love about the way they look that day. Hopefully each of you has taken some time to look nice for each other so take a moment to say so. A little flattery goes a long way.

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We all know that the person that shows up on a first date is not totally the fully authentic you because everyone is on their best behavior. Over time, however, you start to build trust. And, for relationships to deepen, you need to reward each other with understanding more about you, not only so they can understand you better, but also to allow the trust to build between each other.

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Now that you're in a relationship, don’t worry your single friends are still your friends. However, it’s important to have other couples to interact with and to plan activities together. This provides healthy dialogue with others and date nights can be even more fun when periodically adding the dynamic of additional personalities who are rowing the same way.

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We’re all super busy; we get it. But there are a few quick things you can do throughout the day to keep the love alive in your relationship, beginning with thoughtful gestures and gifts. Something as simple as dropping an I love you note in his computer bag or sending a simple but sweet text during the day saying something like "missing you" or "can't wait to see you later" makes all the difference.

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This isn’t as daunting as it sounds. To start, perhaps plan a vacation together and begin thinking of fun things to do while on your trip. You can also start a home project together or save together for something important to you. It builds up the momentum and gives you both a sense of working together and a feeling of accomplishment when the task is complete. Plus, it will hopefully yield a few laughs along the way as you tackle and navigate through something new.

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It's great to have a favorite restaurant that you both love or an established meet-up at the gym every Wednesday evening to work out together. But, don't forget to explore new places and activities together as well. This helps to strengthen your bond and create new experiences for lasting memories to reflect on for years to come.

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Yes it sounds cliché, we know. But the reason so many successful couples have date nights is because it allots time to make your relationship a priority. Both parties appreciate the effort and it says to your partner, "I love you enough to put everything aside and make this time just for you.” During date time, make each other a priority. Put away the phones and tablets, forget about work and focus solely on each other. It's very easy to get into a routine of using what's supposed to be dating time for more of a business meeting. Whose up for a promotion? What projects are you doing? The kids are doing the darndest things. Stick to the romance.

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It's very easy to get stressed out with the throws of life, but we encourage you to take time to de-stress before you interact with each other. Take time to schedule activities that relax you from time-to-time such as a spa day, a jog or meeting girlfriends for coffee to catch up. This helps you be a better partner and have room to not only receive love but to pour love into others.

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Early on in your relationship, or even right now, take a moment to go back to the day you met and remember the butterflies and great qualities that attracted you to each other in the first place. Keep that list handy to reflect on when things get mundane and make sure you share with your partner exactly what you love most about them. If you keep these qualities in the forefront, it will give them more confidence in the relationship by periodically reiterating just why he's all yours.

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We understand how much you love to spend time with your beau, but it is even more important to spend some time away from each other every now and then.  Schedule a trip with the girls or time at the spa alone. This will allow you both a little time to miss each other. When you return, you will be even more refreshed and rejuvenated and ready for the next phase in the relationship, and there is no greater feeling than a warm, tight hug when you walk through the door and are reunited once again.

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