Mary J. Blige-Inspired Home Decor

Mary J. Blige-Inspired Home Decor
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 11, 2010

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We just imagine MJB prepping for yet another awards show in her stylishly decorated girls-only parlor. The Azure sofa is mature and sophisticated, much like our girl. Find it at

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Who says pillows have to match? We’re excited just imagining how the boldness of this luxe pillow would fare next to the understated chicness of the Azure sofa. Find it at

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The soft color of this hanging lamp adds just enough character to the mystique of our imagined girls-only parlor. It’s soft radiance creates the perfect ambience for a low-key gab fest or even a card game around the dining table. Find it at

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We love designer Diane von Furstenberg’s audacious take on the taupe and brown zebra pattern. Luckily the richness of this animal print doesn’t overwhelm. Find it at

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The details of this rustic yet sleek coffee table compliment MJB’s metallic shoulder embellishment. And since the price point isn’t suitable for us recessionistas, we’re filing this one as pure inspiration. Find it at

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We’re catching art deco-inspired elements in MJB’s outfit, much like the drama of this burnished gold wall mirror. Find it at

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If there’s one thing we know about our girl, it’s that she loves the luxe life. The plushness of this faux fur throw is perfect at the edge of a bed or as an upgrade to that well-worn Snuggie of yours. Find it at

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MJB’s classy turn on the red carpet moved us to think of a scent that could match that much natural sophistication. The scent of gardenia is soft yet alluring and lingers for days. A perfect match. Find it at

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We love how the two tones of this rattan basket match MJB’s metallic shoulder embellishment. Perched atop a console or on a side table, this handmade beauty brings your home’s decor back to earth. Find it at

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A lady needs a delicate place to hang her jewels. This faux croc case is perfectly spacey and versatile enough to accommodate all types of pieces. Find it at


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