Malinda William's Wedding Photos: The Ceremony

ESSENCE.COM Sep, 14, 2008

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Mother of the Bride Beverly Williams presents her daughter Malinda with something old—a gold and pearl cameo ring and handkerchief from the bride’s grandmother.

Beverly shares her wishes for the happy couple:
“Derrick and Malinda, I can see in your faces the joy of love which comes from above. May God continue to bless you with joy, peace and happiness. May He keep you and your family in the palms of His hands and that your family will continue to grow stronger and stronger. ‘The greatest gift is love.’ I Corinthians 13.”

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Actress and bridesmaid Nicole Ari Parker walks down the aisle at actress Malinda Williams’s wedding at The Mezzanine in Newark, New Jersey, on Saturday, Aug. 23.

Her marital advice to her dearest friend and former “Soul Food” series costar: “Enjoy each other fully and let one another know how much you enjoy one another, because remembering to appreciate your mate doesn’t mean you remember to really enjoy the life, love and romance you have together.”

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Bridesmaid, actress and BFF Vanessa Williams joins the wedding party.

The former “Soul Food” series darling shares some words of wisdom to keep the fire and desire in Malinda and Derrick’s marriage. “Keep those feet on the ceiling! Don’t let a week go by without getting some good lovin.’”

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(Left to right) Junior bridesmaid and Derrick’s daughter, Ashli Jones, bridesmaid and sister of bride, Lisa Sorensen, bridesmaids and actresses Terri J. Vaughn and Nicole Ari Parker, and matron of honor and Malinda’s other sis Leslie Dunn, maid of honor and celebrity fashion stylist Tiffany Hasbourne.

Malinda’s sisters share their tips for wedded bliss.

Lisa Sorensen: Malinda and Derrick, God has brought you together to provide each of you with lifes greatest pleasure – LOVE. “Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it allows me to survive, and better than that, to thrive with passion, compassion, and style.” -Maya Angelou

Leslie Dunn: May you continue to grow in the friendhsip that brought you together. Believe in your dreams and your love for each other and always keep each other first. My God continue to bless you in your union.

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Groom Derrick Jones, best men Chris Lighty and Keith Forte, groomsmen Scotty Morris, Anthony Rahsaan and Ryan Jones.

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The father of the bride, Fred Williams, escorts his daughter down the aisle to meet her hubby-in-waiting, Derrick “D-Nice” Jones. The newlyweds light their unity candles.

He shares his advice for the newlyweds:
Derrick and Malinda,
There will be days and incindents that are going to test you both mentally, spiritually and physically. I truly believe that if you deal with these times by showing each other the same unwavering compassion and understanding towards each other as you do in your passion and love for one another, everything will be just fine.

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Malinda stares lovingly into Derrick’s eyes as he recites his vows during their ceremony at The Mezzanine in Newark, New Jersey.

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Mr. and Mrs. Jones walk hand-in-hand as husband and wife.

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Bridesmaids and groomsmen toast Mrs. Jones.

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Mrs. Jones makes sure Mr. Jones is completely GQ.

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Malinda and Derrick show off their bling.

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“Everybody Hates Chris” star Tichina Arnold congratulates the bride and groom.

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Derrick, a handsome groom, stands strong with his family: Ashli, left, his mom Sandra Jones, and Malinda’s son Omi Phifer.

“My hope and prayer is that Derrick and Malinda will always put God first because with Him, their love and faith for each other and their family will only grow stronger,” Sandra says.

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Three generations of Jones women—Derrick’s daughter, Ashli, and his mom, Sandra Jones, show Malinda some love.

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A stolen moment between Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

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The newlyweds share a tender embrace.


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