Makeup Mistakes Not to Make

Whether you're new to wearing makeup or are a self-professed beauty junkie, here's a list of no-no's that will help you look picture perfect. From too-bright concealer to bleeding foundation, celeb makeup artist Merrell Hollis offers his expert advice on avoiding makeup mishaps.

Nicole Marie Melton Sep, 18, 2013

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Chalky areas under the eyes are common mistakes but easy to correct, says Hollis. "If you’re red-based and you're using a yellow hue, then it’s going to create an ashy cast, which makes it white-looking. You need to use the same hue as your skin tone," says Hollis.

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To keep your lipstick in place, apply liner, then after you put your lipstick on, tear a piece of tissue in half, blot your lips with it, and then apply your lipstick again, explains Hollis. "Or, if you just want to wear lipstick, apply it and when you blot it, the little fiber from the tissue gets onto the lip and makes it into a paste. Then you put on another coat of lipstick and it should stay all day."

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Contouring is a technique that, when done correctly, can add dimension to the face. If your contouring lines are noticiable around the nose, forehead or cheeks, something is awry. "Only go two to three shades lighter than your natural skin tone when contouring," says Hollis.  "Everyone’s going five to six shades lighter because they see all the reality stars who are super highlighted and it’s the trend right now, but you really shouldn't overdo it."

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If your makeup looks or feels caked on, you're probably just using the wrong tools. "When applying foundation, opt for a beauty sponge instead of a brush," advises Hollis. "Gently press makeup into the skin using a sponge. This will give the canvas a soft, airbrushed look."

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If you've ever had makeup smudge onto your white apparel, try setting your face in place with a makeup sealant. "Apply a sealant to cleansed skin before you apply a primer," says Hollis. "This creates an invisible barrier between your makeup and your skin that prevents the natural oils in your skin from breaking down your primer and makeup."

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Merrell Hollis is a celebrity makeup artist and groomer who has worked with celebs such as Wendy Williams and Naomi Campbell. His work has appeared in ESSENCE, People, InStyle and Vogue, to name a few. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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