Makeup Artist Hiyiyatun's Top Beauty Products

Makeup Artist Hiyiyatun's Top Beauty Products
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 05, 2011

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“Stila Perfecting Concealer has been my favorite concealer on the market for many years now! The coverage is genius – it real does conceal dark circles and blemishes. This is a concealer that looks gorgeous on all ages” (23.00,

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“It’s a tinted lipgoss that adapts to your body’s chemistry giving varied tones of color!” ($22,

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“A great accessory product designed for the lips care & treatment, it’s simple and easy to use with your bare finger, towel or a sponge and just apply to your lips and scrub away dead dry skin unwanted texture.” ($18,

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“Your lips will come out looking dreamy and pouty. Also, it looks good on all complexions because this hue/tone of pink is more natural looking.” ($14.50,

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“Origins Zero Oil is a wonderful product for anti shine, because it removes excess oil on the surface of your face, however it does not dehydrate your skin.” ($19.50,

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NARS Duo Cream Eye Shadow is such an amazing cream shadow the application is next to perfect and the texture is workable. The wear is truly gorgeous!(33.00,

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“Seriously, after using Maybeline Very Black Lash Discovery Mini Brush Waterproof Mascara in Very Black, I do not even bother with other mascara brands any longer. This mascara is so detail focused, it is great to build the length of your eyelashes making them look absolutely beautiful and alive.” ($6.99,

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“This waterproof cream is good as a duel product— eyeliner and eye shadow.” ($22,

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“Strut is genius color because it’s virtually undetectable and all who use this product can easily create the perfect brow that they desire.” ($15,

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MAC Lip Conditioner helps in rehydrating your lips and leaves them with healthy luscious shine.” ($15,

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MAC Strobe Hydrant Lumineux is a moisturizer that gives your face the flawless texture and pearlized high lights that will look amazing without makeup but just as amazingly under your foundation. (

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“A fabulous tinted moisturizer! It comes in a varity of shades and has SPF 20 which is great for protecting your skin in sun & other environmental damage. But what’s even more oustanding is that it leaves your skin glowing as if you snuck away to Southbeach for a weekend getaway.” ($42,

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“If you fantasize about having a Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez glow, Lancome Bronze Richie in Star Bronzer is the product for you. It’s actually a powder so your skin will never start to look oily while you wear it.” ($33,

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“Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup” is literally one of the best foundations in the market. This foundation has undertones for virtually every shade that are spot on, has a flawless finish when applied to your face and the wear is incredible and long lasting." ($15.99,

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“It helps to hydrate your skin leaving it with a soft, alive and radiant appearance.” ($35,

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“[This] product it removes dead and old skin cells leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.” ($35,

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“This brand has been thoughtful to develop all of their products to be healthy for the customer and environmently conscious.” ($21,

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“Blushbooster is a great product because you can use it with cream blush and bronzers, you apply it as your final set on top of cream blush or bronzer to finish the apples of your cheeks.” ($22,

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“Chanel Lipgloss is in the top three of my favorite lipgloss brands. This color Sundress looks great on everyone. [It] can be worn on a regular day or perfect to wear it for a special evening out.” ($28.50,

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“Bodyography Tahitian Glow Veil Foundation Primer has a silky yet sealing texture and unlike most foundation primers it has a slight pearlized color so it also creates a bronze affect to your skin.” ($30,


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