Madame Tussauds Celebrity Wax Figures

Celebrity Madame Tussauds Wax Figures
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 06, 2011

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The King of Pop’s wax figure is probably one of the most visited figures of the entire museum. Who doesn’t want to get close to Michael?

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Now, we all love Kim Kardashian. But this wax figure resembles Kim, but something’s missing. What do you think?

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Wow! Dr. King’s wax figure brings emotion to anyone’s eyes. Remarkable.

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Handsome never looked more dashing.

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Alicia Keys is the most recent celeb to be honored with her very own wax figure.

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It just doesn’t get any more historic than this. We hear Malcolm X’s figure looks exactly like him.

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What a superstar! You’ve got to love Kobe Bryant either in wax or real life.

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Nelson Mandela is one of the worlds most coveted and respected leaders. We’re loving his wax figure.

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The D-O-G-G himself received his own wax figure in 2009.

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Oh Jenny from the block. She’s just as gorgeous in real life.

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From the catwalk, to the small screen, to the house of wax. Tyra Banks never fails to amaze us.

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Mr. Woods looks great here. Madame Tussauds honored him back in 2006.

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If his wax figure could talk, it would probably would say “Damn, I look good!”

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“Oh na na, what’s my name?” Madame Tussaud did a fabulous job with Rihanna’s wax figure, right?

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President Obama looks so youthful in this picture. Madame Tussaud should do another wax figure after his term is up!

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If anybody, Madame Tussauds got Michelle Obama down pack! From the hair, to the stylish outfit, to her smile — this is our First Lady!

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Big Willy style! Though this looks like Will and you can see his handsome cheek bones, something is a bit off. You be the judge.

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Now look at this tennis maven! Madame Tussauds couldn’t have done a better job!

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“And still I rise…” we can hear Dr. Maya Angelou’s epic voice when you gaze at her wax figure.

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Wow! Just look at how identical this Beyonce figure is! We’re loving the outfit, the pose and the hair. #CrazyinLove

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“You get a car and you get a car!” If only this Oprah Winfrey could really give away such fantastic goodies.

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OMG!” Usher, Usher, Usher. What more can we say? Whether he’s a wax figure or not… he’s giving us all the heat.

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Oh sister! Now, it’s hard to believe this figure isn’t real! Whoopi looks so life like here!


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